Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Fran, April 9th, 2018

God’s feelings for you are unchangeable and could never be any more than what they are at this moment, but as you release more of your veil, more of your blocks, more of the debris that stands in the way of allowing in these deep-seated feelings for you – you feel them much deeper – and the reflection of them from God. For it is truly that which you are allowing in – the feelings that you are sending out that are emanating back and forth. He loves all his children the same. He loves them with all of his heart, with every ounce of His love, with all of His energy. As you choose to see this and release all that stands in the way of it, it grows more and more powerful within your perception. You see more and more of the love which you’re made of, which is you, which flows between all of us, around us, among us. It is always there, always present, and becomes more visible and tangible to you in your daily activities, in all that you are, in the knowing, the seeing the feeling of yourself, in the feeling of God, in the feeling of your brothers and sisters. Every day you grow more and more powerful in this way, every day you see more and more light. … This is truly the process of the enlightenment – the enlightened mind overtaking that which you are. It is not a one time event. It is one which shall continue for eternity. You will always know more of yourself…. More and more of you power….
It is not that new things are given or provided in such a way. They are simply made accessible to you – for they’re all part of who and what you are in every moment. Reveal all that you are, reveal all that God is, for all that He is – is exactly who you are. There is nothing else. It is all that is. Let the light reveal more and more of the true you. Let the light shine upon you. Let God’s light guide you. Let God be your one and only, for as you choose this, you lack for nothing. You have it all.
God does not wish these things out of selfishness. He wishes this that you may have all of your heart’s desires, for all that you will is His Will for you: your happiness, your joy and bliss, the presence of all things wonderful within the magnificence that abounds and surrounds. It is present in every moment and need not be held away from you. It may be taken into you fully, wholly and completely. This is God’s wish, His Will for you. This is His love, this is His desire for you. It is nothing more than that which is pure love. …”


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