Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Fran, April 11th, 2018

These feelings that you’re having on this day of euphoria, joyfulness and happiness keep things flowing to you are not only because of good things which are here, but they are because of the things that are flowing towards you, for you indeed are magnetizing them, as we spoke of previously. These feelings of joy, happiness, wonder – they are the feelings of your home that are always present for you. They are within you. Your home is not a place. Your home is in your heart, with you always, within your mind, within your knowing, within the very being of you – for it indeed IS you. It is nothing that you are not. It is nowhere that you are not. It is everything that you are.
We say these words in all ways that we know how.
But this is the simple truth of the matter. You can always go within and choose to be all that you are. It is not difficult nor complex. It truly is quite simple, but simple does not mean easy. It is easy in some ways, yes- but as you see it, this is not true when you think of things that don’t serve you. As you focus upon words that people state that don’t bring you comfort, silly happenings that to you don’t seem so silly. They seem like a big deal, they pull your thoughts in directions that bring you discomfort; that are unpleasant, that are not the ones you would wish to have. As you release these thoughts, find your home in your heart, you may regain your peace, your joy and your comfort, your euphoria. As you regain the peaceful feelings, the comfort, you’ve once again magnetized things of a like vibration.
So we would recommend you follow this process: Simply seek within. Know the feelings that you choose. Know that they’re always there within you. You never are alone, and always are within your home, and you always may choose to focus upon this – any time you so desire. As you focus upon your wishes and your desires, all your worries and concerns, thoughts of friends who used words that disrupted your peace, thoughts of occurrences that you found less than pleasant – these things simply dissipate – they disappear in the light that is truly the Real you. Let the light shine away all your unhappiness. Let the light light your way. Let the light reveal your path. Let the light reveal the True You. Let the light illuminate your mind. Let yourself know of All that is You…”


Channel: Fran Nawrocki

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