Love is our new reality

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, January 7th, 2018


As I walked into the kitchen at 11.50pm on the 31 Dec, Monty’s light on the side of the garage came on, to show he was here with me to welcome in the New Year, 2018. It is heart-breaking for me to begin another year without him physically by my side. My wish for all of humanity is to see everyone embrace LOVE on all levels. Without Monty’s love, I could not survive to complete his work. Everything he did, he did with love. He made the simplest things wonderful because they were done with love. His love lives on, he constantly reminds me of this. When love awakens, treasure it; for it is the most wonderful gift and it is what makes life worthwhile. Happy New Year to all.

I had a phone call to let me know that my dear friend, Bronwen, had passed to Spirit. She had been on my mind. I found myself talking about her a lot. She wanted to go to the afterlife to work with Monty to expedite our mission to rescue humanity from the Cabal.

Monty guided (or should I say, ensured) that I watched:



This is a discussion between David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford on how the Cabal is controlling us, how they intend to take over humanity to wipe us out. I reminded my dear wife that I gave you all this information many years ago. Our friends from Andromeda explained how the Cabal would go ahead with what they called PROJECT BLUEBEAM, a false flag invasion to scare humanity into submitting all control to their Cabal. They want to kill 90% of humanity. How many times have I told you this? Now listen to Ben tell you exactly the same thing. You are all in a grave situation. Forewarned is forearmed.

These plans have been in preparation for a few years. Now that the Cabal finds itself being exposed and brought to account by Mr Trump, they are desperate to hold on to power. Trust me when I tell you that Mr Trump is a good man who has come forward to protect humanity. Look at those who tell you otherwise with suspicion. They work on behalf of the Cabal. He will expose all the corruption. I suggest that you think twice before you join the Cabal in being critical of Mr Trump, the man who is brave enough to rescue you. Those within the Cabal are few in number but they control you through fear and your ignorance of just how they operate. Now, at this late stage, it is imperative that you open your eyes, stand together, and refuse to be led like sheep to your slaughter. To the Cabal you are vermin that must be destroyed. They do not have one shred of respect for any of you, so stop kidding yourselves that they do. Would the Cabal have produced all the drugs that they ensure doctors give to you to slowly and painfully kill you if it were otherwise? Would they poison your air, water and food, if they did not want to get rid of you? How many more times do you need to hear this before you are prepared to wake up and take action. You are being slowly murdered. All the evidence for this is at your fingertips. Do you care so little that you will just sit back and be wiped out, so that the Cabal, who do not belong on Earth, will take it from you? This is a battle that the Cabal has been preparing for, while ensuring that you were kept in the dark.

It is nearly 14 years since I passed to Spirit. Throughout that time I have endeavoured to open your minds to your plight. How many of you listened and educated yourselves. The truth is there for all who seek it.

All it would take is for the Irish to get off their knees to their oppressors and learn the facts about WHO THEY ARE, AND THEIR TRUE HISTORY. Then, and only then, ALL THE CABAL’S LIES WOULD BE REVEALED AND EXPOSED. Is that too much to ask of the Irish, to rescue humanity?

Michael Tsarion’s work is second to none. He is an expert on Ireland. He knows the truth in his soul. He has done more than anyone to try to awaken the Irish. The dark deeds of the Vatican have a lot to answer for regarding Ireland, that beautiful little island that holds all the answers to so much. Who will be man enough to break the mould the Vatican created for the Irish and DEMAND THE TRUTH. Every last vestige of the Vatican should, and must, be removed from that sacred land. The moment Ireland is set free, your whole world will be set free within 3 hours. It has to start in Ireland, my dear wife knows why this must be so. This is why she is attacked by the Cabal. The other one involved with this project is locked away in jail in the US. All who try, in any way, to prevent this mission, will be severely punished both in your world and the next. The rescue of humanity and knowledge of your true history is of the greatest importance at this time. You are the 99%. Why are you scared to say NO to the 1%, and tell them that they cannot have your world for themselves.

My dear, the problems with the computer are being done to cause you stress. It is distressing that your body is freezing cold, even whilst you are in bed with an electric blanket. This is also being imposed on you. If the work you are there to do, was not important, they would not waste their time with you.

Be strong, my dear, their power is fading fast. The light of truth terrifies them. They are being exposed for who and what they are.

Love is all. My love surrounds you.

Your adoring, Monty.


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