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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, November 20th

Montague Keen – November 20, 2016

Everything is in turmoil. Many do not know who or what to believe. You saw how the Cabal Machine went into action the moment Mr Trump was elected. The lies and the fear mongering went into overdrive, leaving many in doubt, though deep in their souls they knew that Mrs Clinton would ensure World War III and that life on Earth would become a mere existence. The Earth that you know and love would bear no resemblance to the Earth that the Cabal wants to create. The destruction of the human race is planned down to the finest detail.

Brexit and Trump have upset the applecart. This, my friends, was totally unexpected by the Cabal. They are still in shock. They are desperately trying to find a way to prevent Mr Trump from becoming President. In England, the Government is trying every trick in the book to prevent Brexit becoming a reality. The British people want Brexit and they will insist on it, no matter what strokes Theresa May pulls to delay and prevent it. Poland is now planning to leave the EU. Intelligent people are now seeing how they were conned into the EU and they want out of it. The Cabal conned everyone, everywhere. You must release yourselves from years of slavery. Visualise the chains breaking and see yourselves, the human race, free from bondage.

They forced entry into our world, and like a cancer, they spread to all corners of the Earth. They set out to con you into trusting them. They use many guises, promising that if you trust, obey, and follow them, you will have it all. You have been trapped by the Cabal for 2000 years. The Vatican leads the way in this control system, along with all the other religions that stem from the Vatican. The Vatican itself is most certainly not what you believe it to be. It is only now that the full extent of the paedophilia is being brought to your attention. The satanic killings, especially of innocent little children, is what enables these creatures to exist in your world. To live on Earth, they need to drink the blood and eat the flesh of humans. They live to great ages because this sustains them.

Nothing is as it seems. They do not hide their evil ways. Consider the Catholic Mass, in which you drink the blood and eat the flesh. It is all done in front of your eyes. You failed to see it for what it is. Now that you are waking up to this evil that is all around you, controlling every aspect of your lives, you are shocked and upset. But when you, the 99%, say that you refuse to serve one moment longer, the Cabal will disappear. They do not fight wars. Instead, they demand that you do so. You, the foolish people, who are willing to die for them. War is human sacrifice on a large scale. They love it and they thrive on it. You give it to them. You are just puppets, and they know how to pull your strings.

All political parties have been infiltrated. They do not serve the people. This is why someone such as Mr Trump had to be found. He does not want anything from the Cabal, as he has it all. He is not tied or controlled by any political party. You have no idea how corrupt and controlled your governments are. They do not serve the people. They serve their puppet masters, the hidden controllers. Now, they too, will be flushed out and exposed.

The Earth needs to be cleansed of all that is evil and corrupt. You can do it. Put your minds to the task of restoring peace and harmony. Do not buy into the Cabal’s favourite game, creating problems such as Christian/Moslem, rich/poor, black/white. All these problems are designed to cause trouble and strife. Understand that when you are fighting with each other, you are doing exactly what the Cabal wants of you. Divide and conquer has worked for centuries. This is exactly why the Cabal has forced and paid thousands of “refugees” into Europe recently. This was planned in 1925. Why do you think that the two world wars were staged in Europe? Why is the Cabal pushing for World War III in Europe? Why is the destruction of Europe so important to the Cabal? Why do they fear Europe? What is in Europe that could expose the Cabal and all its plans?

It is all a big game to the Cabal. You have just seen how they reacted to the Trump election. How easy it was for them to get the mindless out on the streets, shouting slogans against Trump. Students will do whatever they get paid to do. It is just business to them. You are being manipulated by those who have had 2000 years of experience. When will you say that enough is enough. This must stop forthwith. Leave the Earth and humanity in peace.

Support each other whenever possible as you go through this awakening. Do your revocations as often as possible as they will release you from the corrupt control. Believe in the future that you are now creating. Pray for the release of those all over your world who are unlawfully locked up because they became a problem for the Cabal. A Cabal which will go to any lengths to prevent exposure and failure. These people need your support. You need them to complete their missions. This is a battle that you must win or you will perish, for the Cabal never shows mercy. Your future is in your own hands. You have nowhere to run. This is it.

My dear, you know what must be done. It is not an easy path. You have withstood so much. They will not give up. But we are with you, my dear, every step of the way.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation