Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, September 4th

Montague Keen – September 4, 2016

The recent attempt to start World War III was foiled by Angela Merkel who found the courage to stand with the German people and refuse to allow them to be the victims of a false flag invasion. She deserves protection and respect for her bravery in daring to say NO to the Cabal. You are all indebted to her. The Cabal always follows a pattern; World War I and World War II started in Germany, and true to form, they wanted World War III also to begin there, and then blame Russia for it. They do not like to be thwarted and will take revenge. Watch carefully what happens next. Their plans to wipe out Europe will have to be altered.

I have drawn your attention before, to the fact that there is a concerted effort to destroy the white race. It is the white man who stands up to the Cabal and sees them for what they are. The white man is the thorn in the side of the Cabal, preventing them from taking full control of the Earth.

Medication as well as the chemtrails, GM food, and fluoride in the water, are just some of what is being used to achieve this. This is why the Cabal wants to start a war in Europe. Being the oldest race, they hold the memory of how it was before the corrupt cabal entered the Earth and altered the DNA of humanity so they could take control. Although this worked for many years, man is awakening now, so those in the Cabal are terrified that humanity will come together and stand up against them. After all, they represent only 1%, whereas you are the 99%. The Cabal no longer has the time to fulfil its takeover plan. They are in a hurry, and are therefore at their most dangerous. I implore you, DO NOT FIGHT THEIR WARS FOR THEM. By killing your fellow man, you are signing your own death warrant. Do you really want to become a human sacrifice for them.

Look beyond the propaganda and seek the truth. It will amaze you. This is your big opportunity to free yourselves from the shackles of the Cabal, its banks, and its corrupt governments. I did tell you that the month of September would be eventful and memorable for many reasons. All that was hidden from you is being revealed. You are realising that all you were taught is a distortion of the truth. You were conned by the few who stole your ancient knowledge and used it against you. They have lived off your suffering ever since. They do not belong on Earth, so they will not be allowed to take it for themselves.

May I remind you once more: IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING. Sadly, the Irish Government is totally controlled by the Cabal. All the Irish people have to do, is open their eyes to their true history, and all will be revealed. Then humanity will be freed. This is why the Vatican took total control of Ireland and her people. They are in fear of the Irish people ever learning the truth about Ireland. What the Vatican did in Ireland was a crime against all of humanity. The Irish people need to connect with their ancient past. This will open up a future which presently, one can only dream of. So take courage and go forward into the future, without the baggage of a constricting religion and the control of the Cabal. Religion was (and still is) used to disconnect you from the God of Love, your Creator. They ensured that you became dependent on the middle man who pretended to approach God on your behalf. But which God did he approach? The Vatican answers only to Lucifer. Is this what you want?

Step away from the lies that were foisted upon you in order to control you. You do not have the luxury of time, as the Cabal is in a hurry to grab all it can before more of you awaken. Their banks are about to fail as they do not have the gold to support the printed money. They were so sure that they were on the right path, that they never considered that they just might fail. The advice coming from some governments is to ensure that you have a 21-day supply of food and water, just in case the unexpected happens. A huge adjustment is necessary to life without banks, so be prepared. Those of you who are on Earth at this time to facilitate the Transition, know what is required of you. We are fully aware, on this side of life, that those of you who have important roles to play in the Transition, are trapped by the Cabal, incarcerated in prisons on false charges, in order to prevent you carrying out your missions. We will not fail you. These people need your love and prayers so that the truth is revealed and they will complete their work to free humanity.

Take every opportunity to hear DAVID ICKE speak. He explains everything you are up against, and he tells you what is needed to remove the shackles. He is a remarkable man who will open your eyes to so much that you were unaware of. It is time to wake up and take back all that was stolen from you.

You have the manpower and the intelligence to remove your oppressors from all authority in your world. Without your input, they are worthless, useless, and scared. There are not enough of them to achieve their aims; so I ask you, who holds the ace card? Fear will be used widely to try to keep control over you. Do not allow it to enter your life. Fear is the weapon which is always used by the Cabal to keep you under control.

Know who you are, and refuse to comply. Become the being of light that you are, and then they cannot touch you. The Cabal will fearful of you when it can no longer control you. Then you will see them as the minority that they actually are. They will then look to you for mercy. You will allow them to leave the Earth or comply with your laws. Do not lower yourselves to seek vengeance, as that is what the they themselves would do. Do not lower yourselves to their level. You are beings of light and you will deal with them as such.

These are interesting times, so be prepared for change, and a future that will be totally different. No more war, fear, poverty, injustice; all such things are the weapons of the Cabal. Open your eyes to the truth and explore your true history and heritage. Learn who you are, and why you are on the Earth at this time. All will be revealed.

My dear, believe in the future you are creating. It will happen, just as we believe it will. Pray that those who are trapped will soon be released. The Cabal’s power is disappearing fast. Without it, they are nothing. Be on guard, as they are desperate, and will try to prevent the Transition even though they know that it cannot be stopped.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation



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