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Montague via Veronica Keen, May 14th, 2017

Alex Jones Channel

We have been preparing you for this. We warned you to be prepared for the final attempt to take control of the Earth and wipe out humanity. Weak-minded people are being manipulated to assist the Cabal by doing their dirty work for them. There are people who have never stepped fully into the light; they keep one foot in either religion or the State. The Jesuits still mind control them. These people can be dangerous and difficult to trust. They are not strong enough to make a stand as their minds are filled with fear and doubt, especially the Irish mind, for if the Jesuits ever lose Ireland, they are without hope, completely finished.

It takes courage to stand for truth and to do what is right for humanity. Watch how these people attack those who try to prepare you for the Event. They pathetically attack what they once stood for. They are to be pitied as they are in fear. Soon it will not be possible to keep a foot in both camps. Much is being blocked and problems are created where none had existed. Try not to let it get to you. Rise above it, as it is temporary and it will not last. You know that the Cabal will fail.

From this side of life, we are putting everything in place so that when the time comes, everything will fall into place. Both sides of life are working on the ley lines to ensure that humanity has the energy it needs to complete the Transition without problem. The Cabal has put in place evil people, who hide behind masks. They masquerade as charity workers. This is not true. They use black magic rituals that can change, alter, or delete, whatever they want. This has been going on for generations. It was perfected at the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England. They can suppress a positive outcome, leaving humanity confused and bewildered. They have successfully suppressed knowledge and thereby kept humanity in the dark.

Energy workers are very important at this time as they can release the good energy from the ley lines and the sacred places. I urge you to use your gift to benefit humanity. Dark spirits are being used to cause problems, or delay, whatever they choose. However, you can remove these problems by sending them to the light. Open up to your own power and use it to protect yourself and the rest of humanity.

The satanic secret services use dark spirits all the time for their own ends. I informed Veronica that a member of my blood family continues to use her evil powers. It saddens me a great deal to see how she operates, always conveying the cloak of respectability. People who lack the courage of their convictions can be manipulated so easily. When you return to spirit, it is quite different. The full truth is there before you. It is difficult to see those you once believed to be good people, exposed as evil manipulators who pulled the wool over the eyes of so many.

Those within the Cabal will find themselves exposed, their treacherous manipulation of the human race will be laid bare before you. They will plead for mercy. Their crimes against humanity were planned well in advance. They showed no mercy to you, or to the children they have tortured, raped, and killed for their own pleasure, and to ensure their continued existence on Earth. You have decisions to make that cannot be taken lightly. Once you step into your own power, you will fear no man, and you will conduct the Transition with dignity. Justice will be seen to be done. All that once belonged to all of humanity will be returned to it. These are exciting times, so have no fear, as justice will prevail.

All that was used to control you, through false promises that could never be kept, will be exposed. All religions will be wiped off the face of the Earth. Everything will be seen in a new light, the light of truth. Though those in political power still clamour for World War 3, they will not get their wish. The Cabal has many ways to destroy people. When Veronica was young, TB was the scourge of Ireland. It affected almost every family. This was a curse placed on Ireland and it was very effective. It was done through black magic and it was contained within a plaque that was placed at Tara. This is but one of the ways that disease is spread, wherever and whenever the Cabal desires.

You live in a world that you know very little about. For now, the Cabal controls everything: your health, food, weather, air, etc. You are like puppets to be played with. They do not care one jot about you. So they can kill you with impunity. It is time to get off the treadmill of life and become who you really are. Once you remove all the blocks that bind you to the Cabal, you are free to explore the Earth in all its beauty.

America is again talking about Project Bluebeam. They think that they will be able to scare enough of you to enable them to take back control. This will not be allowed, as the Andromedans will expose Project Bluebeam for what it is, the last hope of a evil regime. You know the truth, it cannot be changed. Success is yours, so take it with both hands. Believe in yourselves, for this is your time.

My dear, the attacks are to be expected, as those in the Cabal are bad losers. The treacherous threats are sad. It is due to Jesuit indoctrination which still prevails in Ireland. Pray for him. We watch over him.

Always your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation