Love is our new reality

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Mother and Father God via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, January 19, 2020

Dream, Mother and Father God via Galaxygirl | January 19, 2020

Dream, Mother and Father 1/19/2020

I dreamed I saw 12 women of many races sitting in two rows, one row of 6 and beneath another row. They were all very pregnant and wearing long simple gowns of dusty rose pink. They were sitting on white boxes with a rainbow in it. I could see that their pregnant belly was the earth. The second row had two empty places where lady #9 and 10 would be. They were rubbing their bellies, smiling but uncomfortable.

Children this is your Mother God speaking. You are all undergoing the pregnancy pains in your own way. Many have been relentlessly sick with one thing or another. Others have had chronic pain. You are transmuting Gaia’s pain and the pain of the collective. You volunteered for this and it is a much needed selfless act that you are performing, and I thank you. The pregnant women are the various races of the divine feminine that have been activated right now. The divine feminine is fully pregnant in this now, birthing a new reality. The fact that this one saw the various time streams of this happening is significant for several very powerful time streams that had potential negative outcomes were jumped (the empty spaces). Your Father and I have been working day and night, moment by moment to ensure that Ascension Gaia is a success and you are all feeling the strain of these changes, but doing very well, children. Ask me to help you with these ascension symptoms and I shall do it. I am your Mother God.

And this is your Father God speaking. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. I am here to assure you, divine ladies of light, that your Gaian pregnancy is going very well and that the time is very ripe for these physical changes. You will be seeing and feeling the physical changes upon Gaia as she morphs form. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Your Mother and I have made every preparation necessary. You ground team leaders are the midwives of this as you ground our light codes to soothe and comfort your planetary mother. You are feeling the need to rest for this is very intense work full of hard labor and you are all feeling the squeeze of these higher light code energies. Be easy on yourselves, be kind. Shine your light and ask for special healing and the grace and strength to get through this time of metamorphosis. For everything is changing, children. Be not afraid. Be in peace, sit in my lap. The divine masculine is currently getting the upgrade he has so desperately needed to assist fully. Now ladies, doesn’t that sound wonderful? The balance is coming fully into view. Ask that your physical symptoms be transmuted into light. Ask for your Pleiadian medical teams to help you. Ask your angels to assist, they are most eager to do so, and rest. I am aware this is exceptionally challenging as many of you have insomnia with the light codes coming in. But try to find the moment of rest when you can sleep and moment of rest in your busy day. Find and feel for the moment of rest with your breath as you sit and type as you play with children or caretake the elderly. Feel for my energy and vibration of peace and rest. I share it most freely with you.

I am your Father God. This will not last forever. It feels like it will, but it will not. For you are birthing, creating something totally new with us and we are here to offer our divine support and complete love and care in the process.

~ galaxygirl