Love is our new reality

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Mother Divine and Karen’s Higher Self via Karen Vivenzio, February 3d, 2019


Mother Divine and Karen’s Higher Self via Karen Vivenzio

Holy child of love and light we see so much suffering still surrounding you and are aware of all your sad plights. There are eons of suffering, so much that needs to be healed and in the coming days you will see your sorrow lifted from you. Off of your shoulders we will lift these burdens and allow the cloak of forgiveness to cover all who seek our comfort. For we will lift the cloak of karma from your backs and settle the massive debts. For all is for your comfort and happiness that we seek to end this horrid play / this horrid creation you have made. For as children we see you wanted to explore, wanted to seek out the emotions at all ends of the spectrum. And now that you have completed the exploration phase, it is time for the wisdom seekers to take the reins and redirect your attention to the blissful side of things. There is no more need for misery and deception. No more need for the negative level of excitement that comes from such exploration into the depths of darkness at the bowels of creation. There is no more need for hell on earth, only heaven and for all it’s worth, you have done your part and you have explored, now it is time to come home to your sweet Mother Earth. To love her and nurture her and allow her to support you in rebuilding and refurbishing the lands upon which you walk, the oceans and rivers from which you drink and to reframe all that you do and think.

Rest in the knowing that change is coming. Change is flowing in by the quality of light that is now flowing in. Streaming down from the heavens, a new stream of light – connected and ever bright from the heart of who you have come to know as Mother Divine. The Creator shines her light ever bright – calling all her children home from the night. Re-connecting and re-booting. Fed from the wellspring of Great Mother’s own light. Strong and bright. Fragments reunited into one great whole – wholeness, holiness, at one with each other and one with with all life. For it is the same elixir that feeds all of life – human and divine – the animals, the plants, the trees, the ocean, the cool breeze – all of these are made from the same substance, the same light – the spirit flows in to animate the body, the form, the shape – but inside the masks (of the body) we are all the same. We are all connected to the Mother and she sings our name. To reunite with her and at once become all one and the same.

Mother Earth is a reflection of the Mother Divine, just the same as you and I. For when one speaks of her they connect to the supportive nurturance we all crave for. Hearts in our hands – change sweeping across the lands, correcting the imbalances and blazing a path of light for which we must follow – away from the ego and away from the shallows, into the depths of the soul and the meeting together with the source from which life flows – the elixir of love in, around, and through our Mother’s great love. Taking our hands and winding them through the hands of another to lift them up out of the gloom.

Great care and great effort have brought us to this place, the grand unwinding, the ending of a phase. Stepping forward now into the Aquarian age, a new set of stars, shining in our face. Allow the light to bathe you in its newness and love, allow the elixir of the Great Mother to call you forth – stepping into the heart of which you came from. Allowing the light of the Mother to hold you in its embrace and to comfort you now and in the coming days.

Collapsing of the play.

With love and great blessings, we stand by your side – Your Father / Your Mother, Dear Clementine. For at once you will emerge holy and divine, shining your light ever bright ever bright.

One stream of light

One place to call home

One earth filled with blessings

No more darkness to unfold

The magic and mysteries of life to behold you in a pattern of love that knows no end

In the embrace of the majesty from whence you emerged

This is the dawn of Heaven on Earth

Once more – one more cycle – before it ends

The languishing struggling, to come into obedience, before all return to the source as one like mind, one set of friends – without separation

This is the beginning not the end

This is just the beginning, not the end dear friends


I AM Your Conscience, Your Great Higher Self

Calling all to a better way to see themselves

As beacons of light, of Harbingers of Hope

Do not sway from your faith, so many miles left to go

All will become an instantaneous de-light

Emerging from the shadows and shining her light

Standing and worshipping the wonderful sight

Holy light Holy life

The spectre and vision of a world so repaired, so revered, you will marvel at how well you are doing and remembering the darkness from when you came, you shall revel in the knowing that the world will never be the same – great change taking center stage.

For I AM Your Great Mother Divine and You are All Blessed Beacons of Light

Rest in the knowing that I AM bringing you home from the dark night into the hope of a glorious and holy life.


With Love, Light, and Blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!