Love is our new reality

Mother Divine and The Angels of the Heavenly Realms via Karen Vivenzio, June 3d, 2020


Mother Divine and The Angels of the Heavenly Realms via Karen Vivenzio

Holy Angels filled with light – love is the promise breathing in new life – focus on the love in your hearts and let the rest fall away; the anger, the hatred, the violence, the struggle all is false evidence appearing real (fear) and there is no place for this anymore. This is the last hurrah. The last final remnants of all the sadness held within coming to the surface to be cleared so that we can all begin again. What you are witnessing is the ending of the play – the final climax before all is resolved and the love is able to shine once again and like never before. Bear witness to this and say ‘never more, never more’ – all that is ugly about this third dimensional stage is being played out in its final days. For there is evidence now that all is risen and moving up into the higher dimensions. If you have not yet cleared out your heart, you will feel the burden of these days most of all but remember dearest children of light – that is what you are – you are the light, the wayshowers, the bright sparkles shining amidst the chaos that reigns and you are shining your light to allow the exit of these most disturbing rays (days). Even if you feel at the moment, lower than low, depressed and in fear, overcome by anxiety and dread – these are the days that have been foretold – the revelation of what has been hidden coming up to be witnessed then released and the room in your hearts will be filled with divine grace. It may be hard to see it right now but all will be healed – by the thoughts and prayers of you all.

So hold onto your hats before the final show.

Just as it all began with the ‘Great Fall’ – all shall now be healed by the rising of it all. The debris of doubt, fear, anger, discomfort, dis-ease, prejudice, and maladies of these dying days are rising up to meet the newly created heaven on earth and asking to be cleared, for voices to be finally heard. And once the darkness rises up to meet the light all will be healed as in the blink of an eye.

Have faith dearest warriors of the light, the blessings are flowing though all seems dark at this time. Keep on praying, aligning with your light, rising up in your own heart and mind. Hold the masses in the palm of your hand and whisper words of light and healing to them. Send the light out into the world even if you don’t feel you are up to it right now, keep going, keep the faith, that is the difference each one of you can make.

We are almost at the finish line, don’t give up the race, keep on running, keep on jumping, keep on aligning with the Creator’s light, vibration of the most High and keep on keeping your eye on the prize – heaven on earth manifesting beyond the current time. Clear your hearts of all that rises up, using the violet flame and the Angels of Heaven on Earth and become the holy beacon that shines its light no matter the outcome and without taking sides. Stay out of the fray and shine the light on all souls below, holding the energetic outcome that steals the show, coming out of nowhere to guide you home.

We are the Angels of the Heavenly Realms and we call upon you now to do what you came here to do – Be the light and shine bright dearest children of mine, shine bright with all the Angels of Heaven and I – for I AM Your Mother and You are ALL dearest children of mine.

With love and great blessings we stand by your side, in you, through you and all around you supporting you during these very difficult stages of becoming the light.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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