Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, August 22nd, 2018

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Fresh start

Straight from the heart

We are with you dear child, just as we have been all the while

Denser energies are clearing




All anxiety, fear, dis-ease

Opening the gate of grace

Where memories abound of a time long ago, when angels walked the earth with you all

Remember it now…

Wings full of grace

Helpers on the ground

This is the time we are returning to now

Open your arms, and your hearts open wide

Breathe in the magic of new days to come

Remember, dear child…

We are all one

No matter what you look like or where you come from

All of you are the blessings from which life stems

All of you are the divine inspiration for life among friends

Get ready now to welcome them in

Welcome the changing tide

Through you all will once again share the heavenly realms, and all on earth will once again become friends

Hold us in your hearts my dear children – your ancient teachers and heavenly friends

Know in your hearts it is time to begin again

The spiral has come full circle

The land has now changed

All will be revealed in the coming days

Stage has been set

Go deep within

Clear out the debris you have been holding in

When love and grace abound, awaken into this new world you have found, and realize this, the angels’ kiss, you all deserve to live in bliss.

Open your hearts and your minds open wide

There is an entirely new way to see your life and light

Darkness being removed, going back to the time of Eden – for this is the recovery you have set in motion – destroying the notions of myth and fact – opening your hearts to the memories of times long past

For we are welcoming the return to heaven on earth and bringing you back to the lives you deserve

Open your arms

Dare to explore

This is what you have been waiting for

The blessing times have begun once again

Open your hearts and your minds, all of our friends

Lifting your spirits high

Filling you with de-light

We are your Heavenly Masters and Guides

For I AM your Great Mother Divine and you are all divine children of mine

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!