Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, January 21st, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dear ones – it is I your Mother God, Mother of heaven and earth, come to talk to you and let you know of many discourses taking place now throughout the universe. The entire universe is in conversation with you now my dears – hoping you will hear the words of wisdom that have been falling on deaf ears. For it is in your hearts we wish to connect, all of the benevolent creatures of mystical nature. For they are real – the dragons, the elfin, the mer people and more. So much more than folklore. It is true they say that life takes on many forms, no one is better than any other and you must not believe that anymore. For you are the beacons that understand reason, emotions, and yet, you still remain so disconnected to the wisdom that is coming to you from the other realms. The elfin and fairy kingdoms reside close by – they are the creatures close enough to hear your cries. And they themselves dwell on the surface of your world, too close for comfort but yet worlds beyond in understanding and commitment. For they, like you, are feeling the changes coming forth. The disturbance in the pit of your stomach reaching for more of what you find easy, comfortable, ‘sure’, but the old you, the ancient one, knows that below the surface is another world blazing and ready to come forth. For the peoples of the inner earth are calling out – in remembrance and embrace of all the children on the surface world. For once it was told they were afraid to come out for remembering all the fear and doubt that plagued them and then they were told they needed to be bold and out they scurried back into the ‘real’ world – on the surface you will notice them as slightly larger than you, heads full of curls, radiant light warriors. For when they are ready to emerge, they will enter from whence they came and rise up in harmony and grace allowing the children of Mother Earth to take their rightful place on center stage. Whispering in the quiet solitude they will sings songs of plenty of when the earth was a forest of splendorful things and magic was always happening. Sing sweet children sing. When the future of earth became so violent they could not stop the pain and they retreated to the quiet sanctitude within from whence they came. The womb of the Mother – a safer place. And now they are singing great songs of love, they have noticed it may be nearing the time when it is safe for them to return to the ‘above’. In harmony and blessings they walk among you now, nearly invisible within the crowd but still they are rising and joining you now. Soon they will make their presence known, the beauty and bounty of the worlds below. These are not the levels of hell of which you have been told, but the beauty and splendor of another great world. Filled with brilliance and light, kaleidoscopes in the night sky. Heaven on Earth and centered within her is the peace that is connecting you with it all. For deep in your hearts you know your way home. You know the journey within has never been dull. The light that shines above so below, emanating out into the outer worlds to be transmuted and held onto the rainbows within your own souls. For connected we are all as one, from within and from above, holding onto the fragments of love. Holy and wise, these creatures do sing of the incoming tide of harmony and blessings. So sit in the quiet and go deep within, to the quiet sanctuary where are all now friends and allow the season of blessings to begin – sing now dear children, sing with your friends the beacons and bounties ready to begin.

With love, light and blessings – you are my children of mine and I am Your Mother – Your Mother Divine getting you ready to shine your lights – holding the door open for all worlds to shine in unity and harmony as one in new life – much needed changes coming to you – Spring Time.

For now, sing in the blessings, all of you, from where you reside in body, heart, and mind.


Peace, love and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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