Love is our new reality

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, January 2nd, 2019


Dearest child of light, we are with you now on the ground in hopes that some of you may come to the realization that your lives will never be the same. There are so many light filled beings working on the ground with you now that where we start and humanity begins is no longer cut and dry for we have merged with your world as so many of you have merged with mine. The legions of light that surround you and work amongst you now have come in almost unnoticed but there is coming a time when the veil will be removed and the disguises taken off. It is then that you will recognize the leaders of the new age by the light that emanates from their faces – their entire countenance will be one of light and love and the myriad of disguises they have worn throughout the ages will come off / fall off. For you are being born again into your true from – at one with the light and love that is at your core. Even the most astute follower will learn to lead in their own way, for none of you are what you seem at this point in the game. All of you need to remember your own dear names, for what came into this lifetime with certain roles to play and lessons to learn are going to be dismayed to find out / to real-ize that what they came here for is no longer what is in store for them. The magic and the miracles are flowing in and transcending any prior agreements or lessons that were to be put forth. A cleansing is occurring in the heart of all men, women, and children. It is a reckoning within of who you have been and who you want to be from this point forward. Destiny is calling forth with multiple paths to choose, it is up to you what you choose – to remain in the fray of another day or to move forward into the bliss of an entirely new existence. Never before have you had so much freedom to choose the future to which you would like to align to. Never before have you graduated to such a high degree that you can transcend and create your own destiny – fresh, renewed spirits in perpetual motion – moving forward to some degree, leaping and bounding forward for many. For many have chosen the path of righteousness without understanding the higher level of spiritual awareness, the dogma put forth should be observed but not adhered to or followed unless you have the higher level of truth = there is not one right way to see or be or observe in this world, all is for the unfoldment of the highest and best for all at all times. Just because something looks ‘wrong’ does not mean it has not served its purpose dear ones. For the darkness took on the role of ‘evil’ to show you – each and every one of you – what in your lives, your perspective, your connection to Father and Mother God needed to be released and healed. Without the darkness pushing you along to higher and higher ground, the wisdom would not be found. That being said, the role of the darkness has worn itself out – it is no longer necessary to learn by the trials and tribulations caused by those that wish to ‘stir the pot’ or to cause blame and injury to get us to look into our own hearts. For all as one, enough of humanity has said ‘stop’ and now a new game has begun. One that will be much more fun. It is time to embrace your brothers and sisters as one – as coming from the same source regardless of gender, race, religion, and all the separations of sort. It is time to come back under the magnifying umbrella of unity dear ones. To reach out in compassion and love and to love all that you have in front of you and behind you and all around you dear ones. It is time to heal, to embrace, and to love the lessons back into kindness and grace. Understand this, one cannot occur without the consent of the team, lessons are agreed to on another plane. If you are feeling ‘low’, energy waning, this is the letting go. Letting go of all that you cannot control. No more hanging on – allow us to resolve it for you. The puppets and players all singing a new tune. Majesty and grace bestowed upon you. Let it all go. The terror, the fear, no longer needed or wanted my dears. The information and judgements you used to use to make decisions have all changed – it is time to look up and see the world and yourselves in a brand new way.

Hope and blessings are on the way. Hold on for one more day, and keep on holding on to the light of hope until you see us shining a bright and brilliant path full of light – on this you will walk into a better life.

Many changes in store before you can fully embrace this new vibration, this new life, but know this dearest children of mine – I am starting to shine with the love of your life that is bathing me in brand new light and soon you will receive the bounty that is emanating forth from me at this time – for it has the power to change you, instantly, from the inside. For your hearts are all connected to mine. What happens to me will reverberate through the universe and go where it needs to – great healing you will find. For now dearest children of mine, it is time to reflect on what is working and what is not working in your life. Sit and rest and contemplate. What do you want to find in the next incarnation? For that is what you are planning now, the next incarnation is starting right now. Do you want to be lost or do you want to be found? That is the mission for my troops on the ground – to help you determine if you want to be lost or found.

Magic, and grace, and miracles abound – it is time to be found dear ones, it is time to be found. We know you by your vibration so keep the lamp well lit, energy flowing in a state of everlasting bliss. Surrounding and protecting you at all times. Allowing the love to flow into your lives. For many a miraculous solution you will find if you allow us to attune your body to the new energies, sights, and sounds. Brand new world you will have found.

With love and great blessings, I stand by your side, for I AM Your Mother Divine and You Are the Human Angelic Tribe (Tribe of Light)


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel, Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!