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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, January 4th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

January 4th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightbeings, dear humans on Earth,

The New Era is here now – The New Era that makes it possible for everybody to finally blossom into their full potential and be the one that you in truth feel that you are.

You have all the ability to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE. Many of you lightworkers have during a long time been conscious of that you, in lack of the powerful masculine can-do-energy, can create your life consciously with the help of energy work rather than chasing creations via physical doings. However, the energies during the old times have not been sufficiently high for you to be able to manifest the creations you have wished for.

You have during eons of time waited for the time that now has arrived. The New Era brings possibilities that you earlier only could have dreamed of. The powerful energy raising energies at the end of December has meant that many of you have let go of what has stopped you from listening to yourselves and follow your own path as it concerns the creation of your life. You no longer have any need to satisfy others. You have no longer any wish to accommodate others unless it harmonizes the path that you have already chosen to follow. You have let go of all emotional responsibility for others and you have let go of all judgment of others as it concerns going their own path regardless of what this entails. Those of you who have let go of judgment of and the taking of responsibility for others feel FREE for the first time in your lives.

The New Era is fantastic. We in the crystal kingdom have however noted that many of you in the beginning feel lost, afraid and sad. In the Old Era you could feel a certain security in following behind others when they created their lives. All the rights and wrongs that were your joint truth constituted a sort of guardrail for you and you felt secure when you followed and acted as everybody expected you would. You created your life from a joint norm about what was right and wrong.

The New Era requires that you start to feel trust in yourselves rather than others. It requires that you start to stand up for yourselves and that you choose your path regardless of what others think and opine. Beloved Lightworkers, you are completely capable of all this, but the readjustment is big so be patient with yourselves if you feel it is hard. As times passes your self confidence will grow and you will no longer care what others express and think about your choices in life. If others oppose your choices remember that most of the people around you are not at all used to you having your own opinion and voice your objections when it suits you. They will get used to themselves being forced to take responsibility for themselves, their choices and their lives.

When the New Era now has peeled off the old norms about right and wrong you must turn inside to yourself in order to find out what is right to create for exactly you. The number of paths that can be followed in life are enormously many more than there are incarnated people on Earth. In order to find a path that is right for you and reach your goals it is now more important than ever that you seek within yourselves in order to be in touch with your intuition, your guides, angels and other higher aspects of yourselves. You all have your own universe. You have now started to reveal the truth about the God that you earlier thought was an energy outside of yourselves. You start to slowly and steadily become secure in the fact that God is part of yourselves. When you meditate and connect with the light you are in actuality connecting with a higher aspect of yourselves and your own Universe. You have yourselves all the power you need to feel good and create your life on Earth. This knowing can be bewildering for you, but will make you very strong.

Give yourself the possibility to walk your own path in harmony with the purpose of your life here on Earth. Give yourself the possibility to let go of all that has done its part in your life. Give yourself the opportunity to go within yourself each day and to seek to connect with YOUR inner truth about what you are and the path you should follow.

If you want my company on your path you ask me to come along with you. I will gladly show you where you can find your truth about yourself. You are a fantastic being on Earth that has come here to be exactly the one that you in truth feel that you are. Follow the path that suits you best and let go of all judgment of your self and others. Your happiness and success is guaranteed.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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