Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, July 1st, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, holiness is all around you, you just need to look beyond the readily apparent to find what is happening behind the scenes. Out of sight, out of mind. People only believe what can be seen with the naked eye. But we wish to tell you at this time many are awakening and beginning to feel an entirely different vibe. For what is appearing on the surface is not what is really going on. The symptoms of dis-ease are what is appearing, all of the grime coming to the surface to clear out. The truth is, internally, much change is coming about. For as the dirt and grime rises to the surface it moves up and out and then what is left behind is purified and clear, in much better shape than it appears. That is what is happening with your world. Despite the events on the surface full of trouble and turmoil, what is underneath is cleaning up and clearing out – harnessing a power and a vibration that is much more clear and in synch with who you are and what you are really all about.

There is no harm in studying the path you have taken, what is working and what is forsaken, learning to heal and to release all that is no longer needed or wanted is just part of the journey you have taken. You are in the midst of great change within and you need no longer look to the surface to find out what shape you are in. The only truth is the clarity of light healing and harmonizing within you dear children. The rest is noise / it is illusion / it is what is no longer wanted rising up and coming out to be released dear ones, not to be internalized any longer. It is time to let go of all of it, all that no longer serves, no more attention to be placed on it.

Your sense of reality is shifting dear ones. It is moving from the outward in, with your focus beginning to apprehend that what occurs within will be reflected outside, not the other way around. What is unseen and unknown is more powerful than what appears before you in the outer world, for the outer world is really just a reflection of all that you need to let go of / all that no longer belongs being released from your inner sanctum of wisdom and grace.

Let go and let God as the saying says. Open your heart and mind to release the illusion of fear that is in front of you all the time. Go deep within and begin to plan how the journey of the surface will appear in the years ahead. For now is a period of reflection dear ones, to review all that you have been through and all that no longer serves you, to set the stage for another stage in the human race. To reset and renew the love that is inside of you. To know that no matter how it appears on the surface, the eyes of the soul do not lie, what is more important is how it feels inside. You cannot see what you do not feel, it is time to heal. The shadow world is coming to an end. It is time to go within and find the courage and the strength to rebuild, to start again – fresh and clear, within your mind’s eye – to create anew, fresh perspective – free and clear of all that you have let go of, free from the illusion of fear.

You are no longer prisoner to the way others would like you to see your world.

What you know is a reflection of your inner sight, your inner soul. This is the only ‘real’ world you should know. Have faith in what is unseen, what is happening behind the scenes, for soon all shall be revealed that the illusions of the third dimension soon shall dissolve. Before your eyes a new world shall appear, this will be a reflection of your love, not your fear. Waiting for the streamers of fear to clear. So do not feed them – do not continue to feed that fear. Like a cancer growing and building upon itself, the world you see before you – the outer world – is a reflection of who you are NOT, not the other way around.

It is time to reflect what you want to be found, not the resistance or the patterns of fear, but the patterns of love replacing them my dear.

With love and great blessings we stand by your side, witnessing the fall of creation for the very last time. For you have the power to decide, where you put your focus is where you will reside – will it be the fear of the outer sanctum or the beauty that lies within? It is up to you to decide – the focus you choose will determine your existence from here on in.

We hope you choose the beauty within. Have faith dear children. Have faith and choose to begin again, focus within.

With love and blessings, I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all blessed children of mine. In peace, love, and light we are standing by your side. Witness the greatness within humankind.

Blessings dear children, blessings dearest children of light.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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