Vivamus/Sanat Kumara via Kerstin Sisilla, June 30th, 2019

Vivamus/Sanat Kumara

June 30th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla

Dear Humans on Earth. I am Vivamus and I speak to you at this moment. I can see how some of you cry of relief and happiness. You are experiencing the greatest of transformations and know in your heart what is hidden below the surface, what is rising up from the veils. It might seem to you as if this part of the transformation / metamorphosis is proceeding incredibly slowly, but you know it is going on clandestinely. Consider that many, many thousands of years, more than you can imagine, have passed since humans started their development on Earth. If you could see and remember your long history you would understand that what is happening now is happening at a furious pace, comparatively.

Time does not exist here with us in the higher spheres, which can sometimes make you irritated with us when you do not get the confirmation of developments of events that you feel you have a need for. However, you have become so much better at being in the moment and to savor it. The word you have in a prayer “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us”. This is what you yourselves have done in these days of the Light. The most important aspect is the forgiveness you finally can give yourselves. When you can forgive all aspects of your inner self, all the roles you have played, from your point of view with a positive or negative ring, you can also understand and forgive each other.

You have received a new perspective on the world, a perspective without the old division of “you” and “them”. The acceptance is greater and you understand that others have their own path of development. You are able to send them love from your higher heart, which has the effect that the love energies are increasing ever faster around the world – humanity is moving very fast towards a mindset of unity. In this for humanity new/old mindset is unity of Mother Gaia is included and the fantastic motherly love she gives you that you now also are able to receive in your heart. You savor the beauty of nature and the existence of the animals. The animals can feel this and are more loving towards you and each other. The time you spend in nature and with the animals gives you tenfold back as you get much help to find yourselves and your own greatness in this way. You are also receptive to the Love of the Creator. You wake up with the insight that you are worthy of the love of the Creator and that you are love – what else could you be now when you know that you are all brothers and sisters and that all of your lives on Earth, that have been repeated time and again in different forms, are all a gift to the Creator. All the experiences you have collected is a part of the Creator and you are thus divine beings with the Universe as your operational field.

You are absolutely correct about savoring the moment, enjoy nature and to enjoy everything that is now opening up when the veils are lifting. Enjoy the love between you as we enjoy the splendid and sparkling view that is Gaia and her inhabitants. Relax in security and love. Feel the unfamiliar calm in your heart and enjoy the winds of change that are blowing. The result will be far, far beyond your expectations, my highly loved and honored brothers and sisters.

With much Love – Your brother Vivamus who is now passing the word to Sananda, who wants to tell you something.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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