Sananda via Kerstin Sisilla, June 30th, 2019


June 30th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


I am Sananda and I want to tell you: Dare to believe in happiness and joy. Be in the now as children. THIS TIME the happiness cannot be taken away from you. Live in “I AM”, not “I do”.

Flow with in “what is”. Create your world and create your life IN THIS NOW. In this light and this love, in these Christ energies that now shine over Earth with great intensity. Savor what you have, where you are, savor of who you are and the love force that shines between you and your fellow humans – your fellow wanderers on planet Gaia.

“Of Light you are made and Light you shall again become – you, and you and all of you! Welcome my friends to the Light and the spheres of Love.

I love you sisters and brothers and I truly look forward to this splendid reunion.

With Love from your Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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