Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, May 26th, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, holy and bright you shine your light and never before has there been such an opportunity to soar higher and higher dearest one. For you have done the hard work, the rest is easy and is yet to come. For the future you are planning can be seen for many miles, the joyful expression like the face of a child. For you have finally allowed the heavens to help you out and we are stretching out our hands to pull you up. You are never alone dearest one. You are never alone.

We are here from the higher realms to lend you our hands, our wisdom, and the love that flows through our hearts dear one. We are finally able to connect and help. You are able to hear us now, You are able to see through the veil. The transparency is coming – the legions of light walking among you are here to show you how to step through to the other side then come back around – crossing between the realms you call home and embracing the future force field of positive energy that is waiting to be found. For your vibration has risen higher and higher and we see with much confidence that the truth will soon be coming out. Legions of liars in chains. Your own chains unbound – soon you will be much freer to roam around and find the light inside of you that so desperately wants to be found.

No longer will you be confined to the history you have been told. The world will open up for you and you will be able to see with so much more clarity than you have up to this point. We are waiting to serve you then dear child. We are waiting ‘in the wings’ with our hands outstretched, ready to catch you when you are ready to see what comes next.

For in the beginning life was so much simpler than this. Before the conflagrations of angst and anger and spiritual deception there was light and love and grace. Now you are returning to this place of heaven on earth and all you deserve. For the warriors of light from which you were born laid fast the foundation you now stand upon. There is a threshold of truth ready to come out and you are now on the cusp and ready to find out what has stood between you and your own divine worth for you are now ready to move forward. Out into the wild blue yonder, among the sea and the stars, you are looking for your purpose, more than what you have found so far. And the truth is this, dearest child of light, you were meant to fly with the condor and embrace the darkest of nights so that you could land in the middle – a beacon from heaven but rooted in earth – to shine your light forward and gather the worst, hold them in your embrace then release them to transform – a bright and shining nation now being born.

The Hosts of Heaven offer their service, in conjunction with my own legions of light, these are the harbingers of your heavenly tribe – for you are angels on earth ready to serve and we are at your feet ready to guide. For you are the messengers of the human angelic tribe and we are your ancestors, your parents, your friends and we are sending much love from the heavens again and again. The door is now open for you to go inside and find the love in your heart dearest child of mine.

For I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all very blessed children of mine.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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