Love is our new reality

Mother Earth via Ann Dahlberg, October 31st, 2021

I am Mother Earth and I swing with you now in these billowing waves that are now moving over the earth. We are now rising together beloved children and I am grateful for all that you have already done, so that we can open up to more light on earth. All my kingdoms have begun to transform in different ways and this also applies to the kingdom that we can call the human kingdom. A higher consciousness has seen its light and it is now beginning to make itself heard on earth. It affects your whole world, dear children, it transforms your senses and it changes your expressions. What no longer fits in falls away, new habits and new substance take their place instead. This can feel a little overwhelming for many and for some it can arouse some resistance. However, it is not possible to turn the clock back. Development is progressing unconditionally and with the help of love, wisdom and compassion we can pave the way for a brighter time here on earth. I support you as much as I can but the ascension is unconditional and can not be broken in any way. It is with love and compassion that I try to pave the way for all my kingdoms so that the ascension will go as smoothly as possible. The darkness that has accumulated over the course of the millennium needs to dissolve and disappear. I try to do it as gently as I can, but where there is a great deal of darkness, a great deal of light is needed to make it easier to be absorbed and disappear.

I love you so much and thank you for all the light you send, and I distribute it where it is needed most, if you have not specifically directed it in any direction. I gratefully accept all loving thoughts that you have for the earth, people, animals and nature. They strengthen our common ascension and alleviate the storms that can flare up a little here and there. I am so grateful for this wonderful, loving journey that we are now making together.

May God and the Angels watch over you.

You have all my love

Mother Earth