Love is our new reality

Mother God via Galaxygirl, July 25th, 2018

Message from Mother God (7/25/18) | Galaxygirl

Mother God 7/25/18

Dear children, come and gather near me and nestle in. I want to tell you a story that ends in triumph but has some pits and valleys along the way. In the beginning was Source. Source is all things emanated from itself. Source is All. I too came from Source and I am an extension of it just as you children, are an extension of Source, of me as well. For we are all related, we are all one. We all carry within us the same sparkle, the Source light that lights our footsteps on our never ending journeys towards oneness.

In the beginning was nothing but light, but Source and creative potential. As we differentiated and explored, galaxies were made, experiences were had and new realms were born. We are all on our own individual journey back to Source, to the All. Some wanted their journeys to be more full of challenge, more adventurous, more uphill. Some chose separation and darkness, to experience the opposite of love, the opposite of peace, and fear was born / created through this lack. And this is where you have been dwelling, my angels of form, within this hologame of lack, of fear and of continuous uphill challenge.

It has been a long road. Yet, I assure you children you volunteered to experience this, you wanted to be here. Some of you wonder half jokingly “How did I get here?” and you feel as if you are walking in someone else’s dream / reality. For you are now flicking in and out of dimensions, while in form. You are assimilating these energies with the grace and ease of masters but you are processing them none the less. And it has been greatly challenging for you. For the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not over come it. True? Yes. Children, you are the light. Therefore the darkness cannot overcome you unless you allow this experience. I see you as mighty sunbeams of light, of crystals, of brilliant white and yellow light beaming your light through out the multiverse, staking your claim for love, for wholeness after the terribly painful hologame of separation.

It must end now. It is time for love to rule within the hearts of my precious humanity, my sweet human angels, and to become rebalanced and restored as was originally intended. Your evolutionary speed is unprecedented, which is why so many other worlds and species are taking great notice of your power and your progress. It is true. You are greatly admired for your relentless tenacity and many stories are being told and will be forever told in your futures of how the human race triumphed over their oppressors. Yes, you have had much help to level the playing field, for all of the cards were stacked and manipulated against humanity for so many eons. Yet you are free now children. It is time to breathe this truth in.

You are always free in love, in my love. My love holds the codes of peace and love. And as you know, my love lives in you. Therefore my love is your love and my peace, your peace, should you accept it as your own. I ask that you do now, for it will provide great comfort in the days ahead where the proverbial knots are untied, hinges become unhinged, and the matrix shatters, leaving those who have been asleep deeply troubled and confused, and some angry. This is where you come in children, my warriors of light, of peace and of joy. Shine your light and if you are too weary, let me shine my light with your own and together we can do this with ease. You are very good at this children, and I am so very proud of you.

I am your Mother God. Snuggle up to me whenever you need to. I am but a breath away, my breath intermingled with your own, for we are one creation. We are creation in the midst of an experience of all experiences. Lock arms and hands with me and I will steady you in the upcoming storm. Allow the energies of the Great Central Sun deep within your heart, within every cell, within every fear and let it in children. It is my breath. Let me breathe my breath over you now and shower you with the encodements for acceleration of rapid ascension so that we might fly through this with grace and ease, together. My breath knows its own. Sit and breathe this in children. Breathe me in. And when you see the wave coming gently towards you, allow it to caress you, every speck of you, with a heart full of joy and eager expectation. It begins now. Breathe me in children. Breathe me into the deepest most wounded parts of you and let us bathe those parts in my light.

I am your Mother God. I am so proud of you. You are my new beginning. Be forever comforted and be bathed in my light and become the new creation that you were destined to be.

~ galaxygirl