Love is our new reality

Mother Helena via Beatrice Madsen, November 14th, 2020

Mother Helena via Beatrice Madsen, November 14th, 2020


We can talk about imperfect, present and future. In your reality, those concepts exist and it must be so in order for your material structure to be able to hold together. Where I am, everything happens at the same time. This means that we can hold and see the higher perspective and de facto several possible perspectives at the same time. So there are several possible future scenarios for you and it is up to you to create and manifest the best possible.

A small but oh so important contribution that I want to include in this little text is that it repeatedly strikes me how difficult it is for you to let go of the idea that you must be and behave perfectly to be loved. You have to buy the perfect apartment, undoubtedly perform at work, which is a good basis for all these fatigue phenomena in your time. You have to have the perfect relationship and the most amazing sex life, even look perfect to be loved. Oh, oh if you understood how this actually limits you instead of helping you. One of the absolute greatest lessons on earth is to actually teach you to love yourself as you are, that is, imperfect in all respects, in action, in appearance, and in relationships. The only thing that matters in your living life is, and I say it again in capital letters, is your PURPOSE. That your purpose is for your and others’ good, that the purpose is good. The purpose reaches the dimension of the heart and the heart does not ask for perfection at all, but the heart looks for honesty, truth, the genuine and the living.

Even the channel gets stuck time and time again in that she is not worthy of love if she is not exactly perfect. Then she comes to terms with having fallen there again and has to remind herself.

In fact, you should be suspicious of what seems too perfect. Look at your rulers in this time. Those who say the absolutely right phrases and are politically correct, where the hair is perfectly positioned and they move easily and freely with a perfect row of teeth. They are not genuine. They are a backdrop, albeit a dangerous one. The others, one or two people in positions of power who show a cordial goodwill but also make mistakes are the real stuff. You should trust it more, because you can identify with it. This is a big problem on earth and you go again and again on the illusion. Just because you smile, the will does not have to be good. They can be extremely fake.

A good example of this is your two presidential candidates. Mr Trump is as far from perfect that you can get, but he has a good purpose and he has the courage of a thousand lions. His real name should be Mr Lionheart. The other presidential candidate is a backdrop ruled by other forces with less benevolence, but he says politically correct phrases and is flattering but does not really care about you at all.

The time has come for you to look through the veils in depth and then the scenery must crackle. Dear friends, behind the crackled shell it is empty and hollow. But as long as you worship the scenery, it can stay upright and last, it’s not harder than that. Mr. Lionheart exists whether you believe in him or not because he is a soul in a body. The other has no soul but is a projection. This sounds oh so hard but I choose through my brave daughter to illuminate this, even if only one percent believe in my naked words.

It can be a very hard lesson, to understand the connections in your corrupt world. The young children initially see no faults or shortcomings in their parents, it is only as they approach adolescence that the parents become more complex with shortcomings and assets. You need to do the same with those who are in leading positions. The old-fashioned belief in authority has played its part. However, not everyone in power wants to accept this fact.

The truths that are close to being revealed become almost impossible for many to grasp. Various defense mechanisms will strike at your fellow human beings, be prepared for that. Let the truths of these people take time to digest. Allow them to stick their heads in the sand for a while, they may need it to digest the information.


It will soon no longer be sustainable to duck the truths, either about your own shadow or about your collective shadow. The time of the great cleansing is here. Attempts at countless projections will take place, it is his and his fault and so on.

Watch the spectacle, you who are sent as light workers and send a ray of mercy to all who fight. It can be white, pink, green or blue and it will soften and transform, more than you realize. Ask for reinforcement of the galaxies and Pleiadians, and we’ll be right there.

It’s a very exciting time you are in.

I love you and I bid you farewell this time.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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