Love is our new reality

Mother Helena via Beatrice Penninger, November 28th, 2021

Mother Helena via Beatrice Penninger 21-11-28

What did we know about peace on earth, dear fellow human beings?

I am Helena and am the Mother of the Channel and belong to the Pleiadian fleet of lights that circulate around the world nowadays. Many of you are critical of me just as much as of the channel. For that reason, she has been properly hardened and that is good in her own way, because neither she nor I have had strong skin. We have fallen so easily if you wanted to hurt us, almost like a bowling ball during a strike. What I am telling you now is connected with what I am going to say next, and since I follow my daughter and her destinies and adventures closely, I see it in a micro perspective just as in a macro perspective.

The advance of evil is now ravaging the roughest surface of the planet Earth, Tellus or the beloved Terra Mater, she has so many names. Why is it not stopped, many, including the slightly impatient, and in her core eager channeler?

What would happen if you were not stretched and stretched? If everything went back to normal, as it was before? Man is easily shaped so that if he does not have to, he becomes lazy. It’s like I can already feel many “nods” from my fleet up here when I say this. Good dear fellow human beings that you understand that. You need to experience so much “unrest” that you long for and create PEACE. You need to long for fellowship so much that you actually see your brotherhood before the polarization. You need to realize that you can not only think about your own well-being but that everyone, ALL of humanity, has the right to live well and in harmony with our nourishing Mother Earth.

You must face each other against the worst possible evil in order to realize in depth that it is you who must choose the path. The word I above all want you to take with you from this channeling is DISTINCTION. You need to learn to feel this discernment in your hearts. Maybe it needs to be clear as in a cartoon for many to understand and have not already done so. There are endless knowledgeable people in different industries, but they are not listened to as they do not contribute to the false matrix but open the door to the true one.

As I said before, big things happen under the surface. Mr. Donald Trump’s Lionheart has a large helping team around him and he can not be fooled. He is very awake and aware of the whole circus. I would actively urge those of you living in this superficial horror scenario to direct prayers and light to the intelligence service that works around the clock with the liberation of the planet. They are strong, but the more people who wake up and help, the better. Remember dear fellow human beings that it is darkest before dawn and in step with the light of spring, I hope the vast majority of people with their hearts left awake. The scenery then falls like dominoes and it becomes a different scenario, not easy but a step in the right direction.

Greetings from Helena and the Pleiadian brightness.