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Mother Mary – High Sensitivity, April 12, 2024

Mother Mary – High Sensitivity

by Pamela Kribbe

High Sensitivity

Dear friends, I am Mary – Mother Mary, as you have come to know me. I bring joy and lightness to you on this day.

I wish to touch your hearts, and to tell you that all is well. Even though you may be experiencing hardship in your life, and even though you may be suffering, I want to tell you that you are fine. Please feel this reassurance coming to you from me.

I want to remind you of who you are in eternity. Remember the child that you just met in the meditation, and see its innocence. This child still has a sense of belonging; it is part of a greater whole. Now imagine that this child is embraced and received in a field of colors and energies — very loving and subtle energies. Give them to the child inside you.

As you see and feel these colors, and perhaps some of you hear a kind of music, please know that this is who you are. This is the energy that matches you, to which you belong, so allow that energy to work on you, to heal you.

In order to survive emotionally on Earth, you have built walls around yourself, because you needed to become shielded against the outside world. But these walls, these shields, are now hurting you, because they prevent you from truly living, from truly experiencing life, from truly experiencing joy. These walls and these shields are made from fear, and what happens to many people who carry a high and refined energy in their heart, is they try to protect themselves by building these walls.

And why do they do this? Because they experience the outside world as aggressive or hostile; they feel a need to withdraw from the world. And what you can see happening in their auric field is that their energy goes upward; it withdraws into the higher energy centers. Their energy becomes concentrated in the areas of the heart, the third eye, and the crown chakra. But below, from the waist downward, there is a relative emptiness in their energy field. There is a lack of groundedness, a lack of connection to Earth.

There is also a lack of connection with one’s own emotions. Highly sensitive people often become too much involved with other people’s feelings. They feel other people’s moods and energies to the extent of merging with them, no longer knowing the difference between the other person and themselves, and this causes physical disturbances. Their energy becomes drained, and they lose touch with their own passion, their own will, so to speak. They almost topple over, because the upper half of their energy field is much more full than the lower half.

There is confusion in the hearts of many highly sensitive people. The emptiness that is there in the lower part of their aura also has to do with self-doubt and insecurity about who they are. Highly sensitive people often do not feel at home in this world, and they seek to get recognition and affirmation by helping other people.

When they are doing this, one part of them is the teacher, who they truly are, but another part is a lost inner child who does not know its way in this world. The teacher inside you knows that it is here to introduce a new vibration into the world. This teacher inside you knows how to let go and to not expect too much from others, but the lost inner child needs results and needs affirmation from other people. And this is how you enter into a very painful dance with the external world.

This also happens in your intimate relationships. You are able to merge deeply with another person, but you often lose touch with yourself in this merging. So it is vitally important that highly sensitive people embrace themselves as a separate person.

A child is not meant to merge with other people, and especially not with adults. A child should be more on the receiving end in its childhood. It is new in this world and should be allowed to discover itself fully, to understand that it has boundaries, and be allowed to explore reality. But this very basic sense that belongs to a child, of being the center of the world, the center of the universe, often gets lost in highly sensitive children; they feel fragmented from the beginning.

You are here on Earth to learn how to cope with the difference in vibration between you and the world outside you. I tell you that you are the teachers of the future, and you are now learning how to be one. And as you take on emotional burdens from your environment, and you partly lose yourself in them, you become deeply acquainted with being human. But you are meant to go through this stage. You are meant to heal the lower half of your energy field, to heal your own inner child, and then your teaching mission can start to unfold.

I ask you to again look at your inner child, and to take a particular situation in your everyday life where you find that your energy is drained, where you are losing too much energy, or where you feel that your energy is not truly appreciated or received. Now look at what is happening on the energy level. Is your inner child hoping for a kind of recognition from this environment or these people? Is it making itself small to get this recognition?

Imagine that you, the teacher in you, put your arms around this child so it feels protected. And you tell this child: “I have for you what you need. Come to me for love and appreciation. I am your parent; I am your guide.” And sense how the child relaxes into your arms. It has been such a struggle for this child to emotionally survive by trying to get recognition from outside itself. This is what causes you to sometimes be so tired and drained. And feel how strong the teacher energy in you already is; you are wise and you are experienced.

Now imagine, once you have fully embraced your child and it knows that it belongs to you, that you again look at the situation from your everyday life. How would the teacher in you handle this situation? What would it do? It may be that you need to express more clearly what you want or what you feel; or maybe you need to leave that situation altogether. But you can only truly see the essence of this situation when you look at it from the position of the teacher inside you.

And finally, I would like to say that high sensitivity is a gift. It enables you to understand people deeply, and it also enables you to appreciate beauty in a very sophisticated way. But in order for this gift to flower, you need to be able to own your energy. So imagine there are these beautiful and subtle energies in your heart, but at the same time you have firm boundaries around you. You also know you have a wounded inner child inside you; you are aware of this as you enter into relationships, and you take care of your inner child.

As you do this, the need to build walls or create shields becomes less and less. You do not need to protect yourself against hostile energies so much – your self-awareness becomes your protection. You are more deeply aware of who you are, both your light, your greatness, and your wounded parts. And because of this self-awareness, you will no longer uncritically absorb so many energies. You will no longer take so much responsibility, and you will play more.

I started by saying I am here to bring you the energy of joy and lightness – and I mean it. I want you to now feel this energy, the joy and lightness that is there for you. You are meant to enjoy life on Earth.

Some of you who are on the spiritual path become too serious about their mission, so to speak, but do not forget to enjoy life, too. You are meant to receive as much as to give. You are meant to recapture that childlike innocence and celebrate life, without constant worry about the future.

Connect again with the child, but now with that part which is capable of play and carefree joy. Ask the child if there is one thing you can do for it on a daily basis that will make it happier. You are this child’s parent, so you are meant to heal it, to comfort it, but you are also allowed to spoil it a bit; to let it have fun and enjoy itself, because it is so beautiful and innocent.

Thank you all for being here today and joining together your lovely energies.