Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, July 12

Mother Mary

Sunday, July 12, 2015 

Channel Ann Dahlberg



I am Mother Mary with greetings to all of you today. The Earth is undergoing its transformation also on the surface now. A lot is happening on the surface of the earth. It is thanks to you and all your positive thoughts about the better world you want to live in, that makes so much happening now. I am so grateful for all the help I get in this great transformation.

You are all my god-gifted children and have so many gifts you can contribute. Seek the truth and you will find them there, the gifts that are specially selected for each one of you. In quiet meditation, you can hear the answer from your heart. A quiet little response, and when you hear it, then I think you will recognize it. It comes as a dear old friend. It’s afterwards you doubt whether you heard it right, but do not let your ego or the mind trick you there. It is of course correct when it comes from the heart. The more often you go there and listen, the more confident you will be to follow yourselves.

It is important to be able to listen within and follow your heart, in a time of much anxiety around you. Anxieties are easily contagious unless one is firmly grounded in earth and yourself. Meditation or a quiet moment with yourself is what we all recommend right now. You have a lot to gain from it. Other people also gain from you being calm and stable, since it is also contagious. We need many calm and insightful people in this time now. It is the reason your positive thoughts which are so incredibly important to the process of transformation that all of you find yourselves in. Without your light, positive thoughts, everything would take so much longer. Now things are going forward quite fast, in our way of measuring. You have done great work, dear light workers, and our gratitude is endless.

All life will be restored on earth, and you have already begun this work by noticing that all is not right given the devastation and poisoning that the soil have been exposed to. Many people have taken matters into their own hands and started with organic crops in a nontoxic and sustainably way. There are many organizations fighting for the forests, oceans and animals. Everything is an awakening to the fact that we are part of the earth, and without it we cannot live. An understanding in that power and greed cannot provide the happiness that we are looking for. Happiness is of course within us. It’s not possible to seek something outside when everything is within oneself. The lesson you were to learn you have learned now.

It is time to take responsibility for yourselves. By taking responsibility for yourselves, you will also take responsibility for the world around you. When you think that you are important, all else will seem important too.

You are important !! Think about it and take it deep within you. You’re the most important person in your life and therefore in everyone else’s life too. We’re ONE. So continue with your light work both within yourself and outside. The world needs you very much right now. This transformation is important for many more than you can imagine.

I am grateful for all the work for the light and send so much love and light I can to you.

Mother Mary