Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, Lady Venus and Kuan Yin – February 14, 2017

Mother Mary, Lady Venus and Kuan Yin – Special Message of Love
Ashtar On The Road teleconference – February 14, 2017
“Greetings and Namaste to all!  We have stepped forward to be in special closeness with you on this day of Love – in Celebration, in Peace, in Harmony and, yes, in Joy.  We are speaking with one voice.  We invite you to feel us!!!  We are Mother Mary, Lady Venus and Kuan Yin.  And together, we represent powerful energies of Love, though we speak softly, in accordance with the energies that we come to share with you.  So we ask you to join with us in a most special way of being in the Oneness of our Love together. We ask you to open your Hearts even more to feel this Love that we are sending to you, to further facilitate our coming together in the Oneness of the Highest energy in this Universe!
“What Ascension is – although there are many aspects to it – what it is is a Homecoming, a return to Love where we shall all be in its Light together.  But meanwhile, most Beloved Ones, we reach out to you and we ask you to take the Love that we bring to you into your own Hearts.  Let it come into perfect Harmony and Balance and, yes, that Peace – that wondrous Peace – and feel how it feels to be so joined, as to be One in the Light of Love together.  This is perfect union, or as Sananda calls it, Perfect Communion of Spirits and Hearts made Light with the Love that pours in!
“We ask that you feel as carefree as children, for we all regard you as children of the Earth, our most precious ones, indeed, our treasured ones!  We see you all shining so bright with your childlike innocence – it matters not what your physical age is.  It matters not where you have been in this life or others. By coming together in the Light, you literally wash yourselves clear of anything that you may have judged yourselves, in a less-than-loving way, to have done or expressed anywhere at any time along your own timelines!!!
“It is yours, this Freedom, to enjoy in this precious moment of Oneness.  It is yours, this Love we bring, which is echoed in your own Hearts, in your own energy fields. It is this Love which, together, we strengthen.  And it is this Love that we tell you we see, so precious, so divine!  The only difference between us and you is simply that we are in our Light bodies and, therefore, free from what you have experienced and expressed as members of third-dimensional Humanity!
“But your identity is not that. Your identities are the Lights, the Lights of Love you truly are!!!  And that is what we are here to tell you.  We speak Truth to you, as any mother would to her child when she expresses Love.  There is no reason to speak anything other than Truth.  There is every reason to tell you Who You Really Are, and how we see you and most of all, how very much we love you!
“You are the Light and the Hope of the World.  And we ask that you take our Love – let it into your Hearts.  Keep our words always, and shine them forth to share with others here on Planet Earth, for this is the Truth!  And it is this Love that lights the way into the Golden Age Lifestyle, and beyond to your Homecoming!!! This is our message to you and while there is much more for you to learn and to know, keep this always as your guide, as your basic and fundamental Truth, the Truth of Who You Are, and the Truth of how we see you!
“This Love will clear out whatever there might be that is disharmonious or unpleasant in any way to you.  This Love will clear away whatever impediments or blockages you may be feeling.  This Love will light your way, and in turn you will – and are already – lighting the way for others!!!
“Know that we are with you.  We walk with you along your Paths and we are so Joy-full to be in such closeness with you!  And, yes, most Beloved Ones, beautiful Children of Earth, we feel your Love and we take it into our Hearts as the greatest treasure, as a joining with you!  You are our most precious treasures, and we thank you for coming – for having the Courage to come and be in these lives of yours – and most especially for coming here to give us the opportunity to be in loving Oneness in the Truth of the LoveLight We All Are!  And so we say unto you, let your Paths be brighter and brighter with the Light of Love, and in the knowing that you are never alone, and that all is well and Divine in each and every one of you!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!”
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 14, 2017.
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