Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, May 24

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am here today, because I want to tell you that now is the time for a quantum leap. Heaven has praised you and said that you are now ready for a major leap in your consciousness. This applies to all mankind. It is humanity’s collective consciousness which now has been raised up a bit. The light has now reached out to so many hearts, that this could happen. It pleases my mother’s heart that so many people are heading up into the higher dimension along with me. This is a day worth celebrating, and I want you to celebrate this with me.

Thank God that He so graciously let the light shine on our planet. He lets it not only shine, but he allows it to penetrate all that is possible to penetrate. The slightest opening gets its fair share of the light. Out of the openings the dark seeps out and disappear into the clouds.

All darkness that you want to get rid of, you can now become free from. There are many helpers beside you now, who are currently assisting you. It is easier now to free yourselves from your darkness, because the light is now starting to take over in the collective consciousness. We all have darkness within us that we need to get rid of. The one polarity cannot exist without the other. The intention now is that the bright side shall become larger and stronger than the dark.

That’s where we’re going now. Some of you are already there and many are on their way there. It is a lovely sight to see. All these people hungry for light fighting their way forward step by step. It pleases my heart and all their families who devoutly are waiting for them. You have the trust with you, dear children, that is why you have come this far. It may have happened that you have doubted at times, but it has not been for long. You overcame it and now you go victorious ahead and you bring a whole bunch of people in tow. It is thanks to your work in the service of light, that the collective consciousness now has been increased. Thus, you have opened up a new world for many people around the globe.

We are all so thankful up here for your great work and you are all acclaimed for your courage. Eons of time have passed and you have shown both skill and courage to take you forward in the darkness that has prevailed on earth. Getting out of the illusion is no easy thing, dear children. You have succeeded in this, and in this way provided the earth with more and more light. Now is your long journey as come to an end and you are all on the way up into the light. Nobody needs to be left in the dark if they do not choose to. Most, however, choose the light after their long time in the darkness.

It is the longing for the light that spurs people to find their own light. Once you’ve found it, you have peace within you and in your mind. The light of the heart has an embalming effect on your whole body and all the fears that are stuck there. It is in the light of the heart that you become free like the Phoenix and can fly wherever you want.

That’s what I wish for all of you now, finding the light in your heart.

I love you so much!

Mother Mary