Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary Thursday, May 14

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am happy to speak with you today. The earth is my home and I love everything that lives on it. I enjoy everything that lives and moves on Earth. It is so beautiful when all interact with each other. The Earth has originally been a paradise for all to live and stay in. You can still see a part of that beauty on earth a little here and there. But, unfortunately, much is ravaged and destroyed. Many species of animals and plants have disappeared and more are on the way out. It is time to put our foot down now dear earthlings and require a change so that no more of the earth’s surface will be destroyed. You have to start rebuild Earth again and restore it to its pristine condition. None of Earth’s inhabitants can continue to live this way. You cannot just take without giving back, in the end it affects yourself. One cannot squeeze everything out of Earth without giving it the opportunity to recover. Toxins that are spread everywhere in your world affects everything that lives, not least in your own bodies.

I am grateful to all those who are working for a more sustainable society, whether it is in industry or cultivation.

 I am grateful for all the disclosures that come forward, which makes a better society possible to created. 

 I am grateful for all the brave people who dare to stand up for this. 

 I am also grateful for the light that now radiates down with greater force on Earth. 

The strong influence of the bright energies on Earth allows that everything now more easily can manifest. All that is of good ideas can now begin to take root and develop. This is a great hope for Earth and all of its living creatures. What everyone has been waiting for is now happening – Transition from the dark to the Light. I feel hope in the earth, when I’m sitting here listening to all the plants and animals songs. They vibrate in somewhat happier tones now. They enjoy the more powerful light, and are looking to the future with hopeful joy. All the beings that live in the wild also see the future with confidence and will gladly help you dear earthlings, with your future work to set things right on Earth again.

There are many that will help you now. They are proud that you have awakened and started to understand who you are. Your thorough experience in the world you are now leaving is extremely valuable and will be needed to help others in similar situations. You are marching towards victory now dear children, and many are waiting to meet you. It will be a cherished meeting with many stories to share with each other. The joy is great up here when they finally are going to get their dear family members back home, whom have done a magnificent job for many.

Thank you for helping each other to awaken and know that I love you with all my heart.

Mother Mary