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Mother Mary via Angel Skog, November 18th, 2018

Mother Mary via Angel Skog

November 18th, 2018


Hello my beautiful souls,

It is I Mother Mary who speak with you with the mother’s deep embracing energy. Today I want to give the solace and unconditional love that you all have the soul right to receive. Even here on Earth in your physical body during your conscious acts, thoughts and feelings you consist of nothing else but God’s pure love energy.

This knowledge or fact is not easy for you to understand as you live in such separation from the truth. The truth is that you regardless of your acts, thoughts or feelings are equally full of love, consciousness and truth. The truth is that all of you, always, are equally worthy of the unconditional love the universe can provide you with.

Many of you have come closer to the truth and even if you not always can feel it I can feel how you hold it deep in your hearts and assiduously move forward with the help of the strength of the truth, courage and power. This gives me such joy, pride and strength, which I cannot describe in human words.

However, today I want to reach you who in certain moments encounter parts of your ego, your unconsciousness with feelings of resistance and aversion. This is a natural comportment and a natural reaction for you as three dimensional human beings.

You have all met hard thoughts, feelings and words directed to your personality, against you, against your soul and your personal integrity. You have all in one way or another heard that you are not good enough as you are, that it is ugly and bad to have certain feelings, thoughts and behavior. This has caused you to create an alter-ego, an upgraded prototype of yourselves where you deny the thoughts, feelings and behavior that make this alter-ego appear less good from a three dimensional perspective.

However, my beautiful souls, this is untruth. You are equally loved without the slightest difference. You are equally worthy of all the love of the universe, regardless of your acts, thoughts and feelings.

When your alter-ego in this is peeled off and you begin to get more in touch with yourselves, just as you are and learn to accept all aspects of yourselves with the same love as Gods love – the only love, the eternal love, the total and unconditional love. It is then that you start to heal, raise your frequency and move forward in your ascension.

But, you will encounter parts of your ego, your unconsciousness, which will challenge you to remain. This is so, as it is painful for you to acknowledge that you contain aspects of yourself that you over and over again have heard are so wrong. No one of you want to be wrong, everybody wants to be loved, embraced and unconditionally accepted regardless of thought, feeling and actions. Fear catches up with you and overwhelms you, fears such as being shunned, unloved, judged and rejected and feelings such as guilt and shame.

In these moments beloved light souls I ask you to call on me. I ask you to call on me with all your strength and power and to open up for my love and embrace with the knowledge that I love you exactly as unconditionally regardless of what you feel, think or have done to yourselves or somebody else.

Let me hold you in my arms as a mother that cannot see anything else but a complete perfection in the eyes of her children and who with all patience, love and guidance helps her child to feel better, to feel security and a total unconditional love.

Let me show you what unconditional love is and help you let go of your alter-ego. Let me together with you sink through all layers of untruths and keep you deep inside in the most vulnerable part of you and show you how you are worthy and loved.

With all my love and joy.

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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