Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, 17 september

Mother Mary

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am so grateful for all the work that you have performed on Earth today. You are many that in different ways contribute to helping Earth let go of its three dimensional world and to let the new world take over.

I, Mother Mary, now walk with you for each step you take. It is so important that everything is falling in place now. Everything is in transformation and the energy is increasing all the time on Earth. Your bodies are also in transformation, which influences you in many ways. The body cleans out dross and junk and this can give different symptoms as for instance headache, flue symptoms, tiredness, aches, pimples etc. Your feelings might ride a roller coaster. From feeling in one moment feel safe and secure to the in the next one feeling unsure and lost. This is quite natural and is nothing to worry about. See it for what it is – Energies that need to be released and disappear. It might feel difficult, but the calm and joy will soon return.

It is a strong wave of light that now has washed over Earth. It influences everybody in one way or another. It goes deep and cleanses what needs to be cleansed. Even if you have worked for many years to cleanse yourself this wave might impact you. As I mentioned it goes deep and brings up the littlest of negativity that might be left in your body. This happens of course according to your ability and in relation to the cleansing you have done earlier. However, nobody can escape this wave. It brings up all that comes in its way. Everybody will feel this wave regardless of where you are on your path. It impacts all and sets in motion a great awakening process. It is a great awakening process at the same time as it is a great preparatory process for those that already are awake.

Great preparations are ongoing to change this world for the better for everybody. Everything looks bright, my dear children on Earth. Everything is prepared and you will receive the freedom and the abundance you need to go further now. Hosanna, Hosanna!

Your Father/Mother God has given you this with great mercy and love. Praise his name. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

We are all grateful that it now at last has happened. Gaia and all her creations are on route to the fifth dimension. The song of praise sounds all around her and will soon reach your ears. The moment has arrived dear children on Earth, when we finally can meet. Great festivities are planned for your return. Your return is indeed longed for.

Yes, the joy is great up here. You can feel it deep in your hearts. It is the heart that shows you the way now – The heart that is in touch with the higher intelligence and which follows the wisdom that exists there.

Listen carefully, the path is important now, for all who wish to follow Gaia to the promised land – The land with love as its passion. How many of you long for love? Pure and simple love that is just flowing towards you, wherever you are and whoever you are with. Does this sound like utopia? I can promise you that it is not utopia, but a dimension into which you already have taken the first step. You just need to through off the veil from your eyes and see and understand that it is a new time now. Mankind has turned a page and entered a new era. It is an era that only can get brighter and better, as no other path exists, as long as you do not want to get off the road and seek another place to live in. Most of you wish, however, to go on to this light and loving world and your families already stand there with open arms to receive you.

I always have my arms open for you.

I love you so much!

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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