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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, April 19th, 2018

Mother Mary

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and it has been a long period of testing for you dear children. You have had to test all your abilities and your patience has been severely tested. Still you have so much to give, abilities within yourself, that you have not discovered yet. You have inexhaustible reserves within you. I can understand that you turn giddy when you discovered that within you there is no bottom. It is like drinking from a cup that the whole time is replenished by itself, like magic. I can understand that it is hard to think beyond the frame when you the whole time have been told to stay within the frame. Things outside the frame have been dangerous, peculiar and strange. It is nothing for the every day man or woman, as you would then be excluded and to belong to a group is important. Yes, of course the group is important, but you can be more broad-minded and stretch your frame. Everybody has the right to a place in the group and the creativity should be allowed to flow, as long as nobody is injured from it physically or psychologically. We are made for carrying out wonders in order to shape and create our world, as we wish to have it.

We belong together dear children on Earth, we belong together and walk on a new path now, which leads to truth and beauty. Everything is transformed and becomes beautiful in the light of love. Your world is facing a facelift, where beauty once more can settle in and enjoy the gifts that it has received by being in the service of love and truth. Stand up dear children on Earth and take back what rightfully is yours “YOUR POWER”. Your power is mighty my children. You have an inexhaustible force within you. Seek out your inner force and you will find all that you have worked for and longed for. Dear children, it is you who transform the world that you right now live in. You are the magicians that we have waited for. Use your power to form the world that has grown out of your hearts. The dream is here now to be realized and it is you who are realizing it. You have much support and help, but the strength to carry it out, you have within you.

Be in your heart. Let the ancient wisdom lead you home now.

We love you so much.

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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