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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, December 6th

Mother Mary

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I wish to speak with you about different things that are happening on our Earth today. Much karma flares up here and there, but it is at a lower level than what you have seen before. Many brave souls have sacrificed their lives so that others may wake up and see what is going on in the world. Honor these souls and send Light to them and their families. They are now on the other side and help where it is needed and support their families in their mourning.

Some catastrophes in nature will happen, but also these will be of a smaller format than the large ones we have seen during the last two decades. What is important is that you keep your faith and hope up for a future of light, which you so rapidly are on your way to. Ever more start to wake up now and to follow the light of their heart.

Earth has a glow of rainbow colors around it and the healing on the surface has taken a large step forward. It will yet take a little time longer before we can visit your Earth. The hard work must be done first, before the polishing can be applied. The hard work you provide, dear children, and it is this that you now have started in different ways. You influence each other very much now, as the collective consciousness grows each day. The more numerous you become, the stronger the effect will be on the collective and on to you to manifest in the life you live.

It is important now, dear children that you listen to your heart. You have to stop now and then to find out which way is best for me to walk today. It is the Now that is important, although I know that is hard in the 3-D world you live in. Try at least to go there a little while each day. Even better would be if you stopped and tried to get there now and then during the day, so that you get used to that feeling. I know it is hard with jobs, family and children, but after some dedicated attempts it can get better and better. With time and after quite a lot of training it will work by itself.

The Light helps you know, dear children. The Light makes it easier for you to find the Light in your heart, and the calm and guidance that resides there. Many of you have found your inner guidance during quiet moments with yourselves. Remember these moments now and then during the day, even if you have plenty to do, you have your intuition with you all the time and you follow a path of light and security. It is the path that is meant for you to follow now.

I wish you happiness for all on your path.

With much love,

Mother Mary



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan