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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, February 22nd, 2019

Mother Mary

February 22nd, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I come with several pieces of news today. It is a transformative time that you are going through and transformations are happening here and there in your mind and body. Try to be in stillness a bit here and there during the day. It can be good to catch your breath and listen within for a moment. Even if it only is during short moments you can regain a bit of your balance and it gives you opportunities to make sensible decisions. In the stress and the speed of things wrong decisions can often be made since you then cannot control if your heart and mind are in agreement. It is much too an important time now for you to let chance decide your path. It can often appear that it is so when the ego is in control. You then experience the same things over and over again with different inputs and results.

It is when your Self take over the rudder and consciously choose a path that can bring you forward in your own development that the larger changes can happen, first within you and then in the outer. This is why we say you should listen to your inner voice, the wise conscious voice that can guide you step by step home to your own salvation, which means your own truth of joy, light, love and freedom. It is then that you see and understand the world and what you are meant to do in it. Possibly the goal might be so clear to you that you now simply walk onwards on a lighter path where you are One with everything. However it turns out your Divine Father always keeps a hand over you and help you to find the path back to him. God is all that is… there is nothing else and maybe it is not always so easy to understand, but you are approaching this understanding now.

Humanity on Earth has kicked off their kid shoes in order to put on a pair of larger shoes that fit them better. It is here that forgiveness and compassion enters for all your fellow humans and fellow beings that live together with you on Earth. It is now your task to spread this compassion and practice forgiveness to everybody and all that you meet.

Your wandering on Earth has now taken a new turn. What you are is a true servant and you spread the light that lives within you and that now is showing in your radiance and in your actions. A true human practice forgiveness and act with good deeds. He/she has not reached the understanding of who he/she is and know that we all are perfect and divine, since nothing else can come from the God that has created us. We are all a part of all that is.

The lessons in life slowly let us understand where we belong and who we deep down are. It is now time to practice these lessons in the best possible fashion and to take the steps that are needed in order to again be in Kingdom of God where only light and love rule, since we cometh from this light and from this love. We are love and light. We cannot be anything else but.

With these thoughtful words of light and love I now let you ponder what has been said.

Much love,

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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