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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, February 24th, 2017

Mother Mary

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I have come here today to strengthen your courage and your will to change your world to be the place of light to live in that you deep in your heart have chosen. It is your visions of light that strengthens this work. It is by focusing on what is beautiful and light within you and outside of you that you transform your world today. It is by raising your energy that you start living in the world that your heart wishes to live in. You need to take time to be alone, find moments where you can find peace and harmony within yourselves. This you need to do so often that you can keep this feeling when you carry out your daily chores. It gives the opportunity for change that you are looking for. Your inner change transforms your outer reality. There are many that have had this experience and can tell you about it.

Raise your mind and take part in all that is happening around you now. See it from the perspective of light and understand that all is happening for the best for Earth and humanity. There is a shimmer over Earth today, a shimmer of gold that sparkles and glitters. You all have the opportunity to partake in this light and to let it shine inside you. It will give you the peace and joy that you long have sought. It is inside that your searching will have to take place, not outside. The transformation happens first inside before it affects your outside reality. Many on Earth have sought and found their true soul. These people are now affecting the outer reality of the collective field and themselves. This in turn makes it easier for more people to find their own inner reality. This is what we call the wake-up process. Humanity is in a strong wake-up process since the collective field of conscious people that have found their true soul is growing. It shines and glitters of all kinds of beautiful colors, as you all contribute with your fantastic colors.

Earth is in the midst of a wake-up process of a kind never before seen, where a whole surface world is on its way to wake up. It is with great excitement that this is followed in the Universe. Everybody wants to help. It is a fantastic opportunity for all to take part in this unique experience. Be proud, you who are on Earth. You are achieving a unique ascension where a whole surface world is preparing to follow with their Earth. It is a fantastic moment in history and you have been given the opportunity to be part of this moment with your bodies and your minds. It is with your visions of light and your strong love that you lift your surface world to higher energies today.

We applaud you and send you all love and all the light that you can receive. There are many who walk by your side now and they will inspire courage and strength to continue on the path of light that you as humanity now have chosen. It is a bright future that awaits you dear children on Earth. It is a beautiful world that you have created for yourself.

May my wings embrace you and give you all the love that you just now need in your hearts.

I love you so much.

Mother Mary






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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