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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, February 5th, 2018

Mother Mary

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I want to send my greetings to all the peoples of Earth today. You are all very dear to my heart. I know that some of you live under difficult circumstances and this saddens my heart. Understand that you chose to come down to live under these circumstances for a particular reason. There are different reasons for choosing it – it can be for karmic reasons, a greater development of the soul or a wish to help one’s people. You might have lived there during many lives and love this country and its culture and nature. There are many reasons for choosing what you chose, but Earth is now going into a new era of love and light. This is true for the world’s whole population regardless of where one lives or has chosen to live.

When I see what is happening on Earth today my heart jumps for joy. You can start to wipe your tears now, as your world is already so much lighter, in your inner world as your outer world. It is the inner world that is most important since it is with it that you transform your outer world. There are many examples of this in Earth’s history. The most recent times have been difficult, but you managed to wake up at last. We are forever grateful and thankful for this. Man after man, woman after woman wake up to his/her true self and look with a renewed look upon the world. These people are now making conscious choices and this leads to a change in their reality. This in turn impacts the reality of others, which can spread far and eventually influence a whole country. This is where we are now dear children. People’s consciousness has increased and is no influencing several countries in the world. Countries influence each other and all of sudden we have a new situation in the world. The picture of our world today is not in agreement with the picture of yesterday. This can be a bit confusing for those that are still asleep, as they all of a sudden will wake up and will then try to maneuver in a completely new reality than the one they are used to. They might need a helping had and now there are a sufficient number of people that can help out so that life continues to become lighter and lighter. Eventually you will forget the nightmare you lived in and will live in a dream on pink clouds. This is wonderful dear friends and I am so happy for Earth and all its beings that live there.

It is a wonderful time that Earth has entered into and we are all with you now. We are helping you with the last ballast and together we walk into the light and loving era that now has started on Earth.

I love you so much,

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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