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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, July 30th, 2017

Mother Mary

Thursday, July 30th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I have come to day to put some salt in your wounds. Many wounds need to be healed now. It stings a bit when the salt is put in your wounds, but it heals faster. Yes, this is what it might be for you, dear children on Earth. There are many wounds that needs healing, both of the mental and emotional kind. The time is here to let go of all the old, let it heal and disappear. Some of you feel very fragile and vulnerable now. Others are strengthening their selves and the one they are deep inside. However, we are all on the same journey and walk towards the same goal.

The Light that has come down and strengthened on Earth opens for your true self. One has to dare see the dark in order to see the light. It can be one and the same coin. On one side it is dark and on the other side it is light. You are both sides and you can live with them side by side. The darkness does not have to be evil just because it is dark. It can also be restful. The Light is the energy we live from and that gives us the life that we experience right now. It is your creation and you create all the time consciously or unconsciously. The new strong energy brings consciousness back to your body. You open up for all the bodies that you consist of and it is more than one. You start to interact more consciously with your whole spiritual self. Many secrets are hidden in your body. They will be revealed for you one after another. It can be a large and demanding task, but many of you have reached the end of this work and your “new Self” stands at the door. Others have maybe just started this work, but get pulled along by those that have gone before them. As you know, the work of the forerunners is already in the collective field and can be shared by all, consciously or unconsciously.

It is a wonderful opportunity that now is presented to all people on Earth – that they can become one with themselves and thus become one with everything. I, Mother Mary, am with you and help you solve the problems that can arise along the way. I know your bodies and can help you heal them when necessary. Call on me if you need help. Enter into your inner room and call on me. It is your honest wish to get help and go forward with your development that gives results now.

You have the light with you. It shines and radiates around you. Invite it in and it will gladly beam into you and help you solve the knots that are left to resolve. It might feel a bit like putting salt in your wounds, but the soothing that it gives afterwards is worth everything that you are going through. The joy and harmony that is created when the light has found its rightful place is worth every effort from your side. The love and the joy that then shines out is beyond your words. The Light is the force and energy that you so well have deserved and need now.

There is a grand awakening going on and there is a great force and great energy that spreads its wings over Earth and its beings today. It is a force that takes with it all that is on its path and transforms it to its true elements – the origin that it once belonged to. It is a wonderful time so enjoy your time on Earth and enjoy yourselves and the wonderful essence that you are made up of.

We love you so much and are with you every step that you take now. I sow rose pedals in your hearts in order for you to more easily find your way home to yourselves.

I love you so much.

Mother Mary




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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