Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, June 15th, 2017

Mother Mary

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I have come to you today to calm many worried souls. Everything written is true, each of it at its level. You will have to you use discernment as it relates to you. We are all at different levels, and what is true for one is not so for another. You build your own reality of truth, dear children. Some are still in the old matrix others have started to move to a new matrix containing more love and light. This is where you find your truth.

Our dear Earth strives for the higher energies and is now more and more in resonance with them. The Earth is now awash with light and more are switching from on reality to another. They move from a lower dimension into a higher dimension. This cannot happen overnight dear children, but you have been working on this for a while now. Thus many have started to discern the light in the higher dimension of light. When I speak about work I mean the inner work that you do with yourselves. It is a grand and important work that then manifests in your outer reality. This happens all the time now. There are many people’s work and dreams that now are in the process of manifesting in your outer reality.

Big things are in the making my dear children on Earth and they are things you have yourselves caused. Thank yourself and Father/Mother God who have assisted you the whole time during this long journey. It has come to a point in history where everything can turn very quickly and your new reality suddenly is here. Yes, and then I mean for everybody who lives on this Earth and not only for a select few. More and more are drawn into the light. It has become a magnet for many thirsty hearts – hearts that just wish for light, peace and love. Now this wish can be fulfilled and they place their belief and hope in this. This is all that is needed my dear – put your trust in the light and your Father/Mother God who only want your best and who assist you and the Earth to transform up into the higher spheres of light. Our Father/Mother God has many who help him. There are hordes of beings that work for the light and there are hordes of beings that help you now to convert the Earth from darkness to light. This is your fate and it is already written in the stars. Do not hesitate dear children on Earth. You time has come and it is the light that has taken over on Earth today. There is no other way for our Earth to go than into the Light. She has already seen these first lights and her fate is sealed. She returns to the light regions that she once left. All of you who in your heart want to follow her will be allowed to do so. Nobody will be left behind that does not want to stay in the lower regions of light. There are not many souls who have chosen this, so it is the light that is awaits you dear children on Earth.

Keep the light in your heart alive and deliver yourselves in the care of the Father/Mother, as all our Father/Mother will take good care of you. He/She has many helpers at his/her side, so you have many around you, dear children. You have lots of beings around you now so feel secure and at peace. They just the best for you and help you on the last part of the road home – Home to the light regions that you so long have waited for. We are all standing there to greet you. Our arms are open and welcoming. See inside you how this wonderful reunion happens and understand that this will also manifest in your outer reality.

I leave you now with a feeling of a reunion happening soon and in love.

I love you so much,

Mother Mary




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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