Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, March 7, 2019

Mother Mary

March 7, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I come today from the Light. The beautiful gold shimmering light, which exists in each one of you human children. When I say children I mean the innocent heart that lies well protected in a golden light. You all have an innocent heart within you dear children, but you hardly dare to approach it as it feels way to pure to you. How can it be this way… if it is yours? You are all created in love and it is your loving heart that is innocent. Your authentic real self can only be love. It is who you are as it is thus that you are created.

Feel inside you how it bubbles of expectation. Feel the joy that arises from the inside. It is a part of you. Perhaps a small part, but still the beginning of something big. It is this part in yourself that you now should allow to grow. It is this part that will transform your life to a life in harmony and love – Love for yourself, for all your fellow humans, for the animals and the plants and the mountains. Yes, for everything that your eye can reach and see. Love will bubble so strongly within you that it must come out and be shared with others. It pours over its rim and it is given to everybody who wants to receive it. Life is about giving. It is when you give that everything will be given to you. It is when you stand in your own love that you understand your own truth and which reality you live in.

It is time to sow roses on the path, roses of love – Love that makes your hearts blossom so that there is no space for any thorns. Dear children, it is only love that can save yourselves and your world. Love is the greatest gift there is. It shines as a sun, is warm and embracing, it is true and joyful, it is the only real that exists and that always has existed. It lives in each one of you. Seek and find it in your heart, as well as in the hearts of your brothers and sisters. You can find it everywhere as it exists everywhere.

We speak much about this since it is one of challenges that you are facing and this is to find love within yourselves and to be the love that you are. It is then that the flowers blossom on Earth one after another. It is then that you find yourselves in the truth in yourselves. It is then that the gifts rain down over you and are reawakened – Gifts that you all have received and which can be used by everybody in the name of love. It is only love that can wake up your gifts and it is the longing for peace and love that directs your steps to find them. They are all within you and are only waiting to be rediscovered in the place where you once hid them.

It is time now dear children on Earth to take in the light and let it shine within your so strongly that the dark yields and disappears. You have the gift. Use it to help yourselves in an era when the light shines stronger each day….Vi are here and walk among you to show you the way home.

I want all the children of Earth to know that the help is close to them and that each prayer is heard.

I love you so much!

Mother Mary




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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