Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, September 30th


Mother Mary

Friday, September 30, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am so grateful for all that is happening in your world today. I can see that the poor will enjoy a much brighter future. I can see that plants and animals will be taken care of in a way that benefits all of humanity. I can see a clearer and cleaner world from a technology that is constructing a new world from the remnants of the old.

The new light energy is not compatible with the old. They go completely separate ways. A new world opens up at your feet, a new world with a higher energy and another consciousness. It is a higher consciousness of love for all that are alive and thrives on our Earth, as we understand that we are all one and that we belong together and must care for each other.

I am so happy that we now move into this era of light or dimension together. Today we build our world with joint forces and joint means. All of mine is yours. All of yours is mine. Earth has generously given all that it has to all of its inhabitants, to be shared in such a way that all get a piece of the cake. These gifts have not been for the few, but all should have been able to take part of this multitude of various resources. Greediness has come with a price and now it is time to pay back what one has taken and distribute the cake so that all can get a share of it. This does not only concern people in the world. It also concerns animals and flora. There are many who have suffered because of the great lust for riches and power that has prevailed in the world.

This era has to our joy reached its end and the energy of love is spreading all over Earth and it gives light and joy to all longing hearts. It is the heart that is longing for peace and freedom – The heart that longs for a just world with food and water for all that need it. Food that is healthy and good heals your body from within – Food that is cultivated with love and care. Or, water that comes from a clear and healthy source with all the minerals that gives the body what it needs. And, clean and clear air that fills our lungs and our bodies with a higher energy and an increased consciousness. This is going to be some of your big projects, dear children on Earth. We all need this to function in an optimal and conscious manner. We all depend on the environment we live in and must safeguard it, since we are a part of it. We become what we build so you have to build with a higher consciousness – A higher energy of love in one’s heart.

Bridges will be built, bridges between people and bridges between different worlds of humanity’s habitats. Earth consists of different habitats and you will all approach each other. Your love and understanding for each other will increase as your collaboration increases. Yes, dear children, your collaboration will not have any limits. Limits you set yourself and they will be expanded as your consciousness grows. This happens in tandem with the growing energies getting stronger on Earth. Your gifts will be revealed for you and you will with pleasure share in the work to rebuild Earth. This work will take place at many different levels. When you are ready it will be revealed for you.

I leave you now with so much love and gratitude.

Mother Mary




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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