Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Judith, November 13th, 2017



Beloved one, you are here creating an adventure. You are here enjoying—hopefully—your adventure. You are the creative ones, the extensions of the one creative Principle, come forth to enjoy what you are creating. If you are not enjoying it and being in joy, choose anew. Look deeply at what you are creating and see the blessing in every part of it.

Know that truly you are the Father/Mother/God/Goddess walking this Earth right now, having an adventure, having a search for that which is already waiting for you, having a search that says, “I am ready for change. I am ready to start a new adventure.” Some of you have already taken that first step out into the adventure. Some of you have done the second and third steps, and you are enjoying every step that you take. If not, you can change it.

In truth, you are the extension of the one Creator, the creative Principle. It is your nature to be creative. So look upon everything that you do as an adventure, and talk to yourself from time to time. I hear some of your selftalk, and it is not always the happiest. Now allow yourself to commend yourself as to what you have chosen to do, even what might feel a bit heavy, a bit complicated from time to time.

I have brought someone with me who wants to speak with you, wants to reassure you that what you are going through is worth it, what you are going through is an adventure which you can love, which you can truly get into the heart of and enjoy.

I have a message from my mother. Now, you know how it is when you get a message from your mother. You might want to say “no”, but you cannot. I do not want to say “no” to her, but it is very interesting that being One, I can go nowhere without her— and I would not want to. So, indeed, we will have a space of time and my mother will speak to you. Will you welcome that? Yes, of course.

Mother Mary:

Beloved one, gentle one, child of the Most High, I am the one you have called Mary. I am mother to the one that you have said was the holy one, the redeemer, the savior, and he is, and I am, and you are, as well, the holy one, the redeemer, the one who comes and comforts and softens the challenges from time to time.

You have been my child in what you would even see to be the physical expression. At some time or another you have been within the biological family brought forth upon holy Mother Earth. You have felt drawn to me because there is a bonding, and no matter what your previous religious training has been, there has been a calling that you have felt from me.

I have been the blessed Mother, in your terminology. I have been the Mother that you called out to in times of great stress and times of travail, the Mother that you would epitomize as being the most motherly and loving that anyone could be, and I am.

You are calling out now for the Mother, because you stand in a time of great change. You are feeling that everything is shifting and changing. It is because you have asked, that you want it to be shifting and changing, because you have looked at what you have been experiencing around you and said, “This is not heaven. I want something—I don’t know exactly what—to change so that I can experience heaven right here, right now, in love.”

Then some more of the change happens in your worldly view out there, and you wonder, “Is there anything stable? Is there anything to believe in? Is there anything that will comfort me through this time of confusion?”

The reason there is such confusion going on is because you are getting rid of the old ways of thinking based on generational teaching, getting ready to take the step out into something which is remembered and yet unknown. So you are calling upon the Mother energy to walk with you, to comfort you, to guide you, and to heal the little scrapes and bruises and bumps that you get from life experiences.

I have heard you in your times of quiet. You have wanted the Mother energy to come and comfort you. You have called out, and I have heard you. And truly you are never ever alone. Always, as my son has said to you, when you call, I answer. There is never a time when I do not answer. You do not always hear me, because there are times when you are so caught up in what is going on that you do not wait to feel the peace that is truly yours. You go rushing about, “Is the answer here, is it there, is it with this person, is it with this book, is it with this workshop?”

But always I am with you. Always I am the Mother to you. I am the Love that you are looking for. You are testing your strength right now. You have been told that you are strong, and you are. You have been told that you are weak, and sometimes you feel that way, especially if the small one in some of the religious/philosophical training has been told that little ones are weak, and to call upon me or to call upon my son, and that we will see you through.

Well, it is true, we will see you through, but we will walk together. It is not that I am going to do miracles for you. You are going to do them, and we are going to be together in the love that all of a sudden shows you that which you have been imaging, that which you want to find, and you think it is “out there”.

But as my son has said to you so many, many times, you create your reality moment by moment as you go along. So that which you can visualize, that which your heart is telling you, is going to appear to you right here; you are going to be able to reach out and touch it. It is going to be what you call real—lower case “r”—but it will be made out of your Reality—upper case “R”—because you desire it.

Right now there is a great desire for peace, for stability, and yet at the same time you are creating much of change, because you believe that is how stability has to come. You feel you have to get rid of the old in order to have the new. And what you are doing is a very miraculous gradual change which, when you look back on it in your measurement of time, you are going to say, “Well, that really happened very quickly.”

And yet when you seem to be on this side of it, and it seems to be “out there” for you, you are feeling perhaps, “Will I ever experience it? Will I ever step into that which I am visualizing?” And I will say to you that, yes, you will. You have to. It is foreordained that as you will visualize and believe with your whole heart that you can have it, you will have it. It will be yours. It is yours.

So do not feel that, “That which I have desired is a little bit beyond my grasping. I don’t know if I can actually reach out and touch it. I don’t know if I can reach out and bring it to myself. Maybe I have too many years on top of me. Maybe I’ll have to wait for another lifetime.”

But I say to you, no, you do not have to wait for another lifetime. You have the spirit of a young child within you. But there are times when you say, “Oh, well, I can’t do that, because what will ‘they’ think?”

What do you care what they think? First of all, quite often when that feeling comes up, the other ones are not paying attention to you anyway. They are so caught up in what they are doing that they are not even aware of what you are doing.

So you can go for it. Always you are going forward. Always that which you desire, truly desire of the Father, will be yours, right now or on the morrow, whichever fits your time frame.

Already you have it, and you are putting it seemingly out there so it can come to you. But even when you had the wish, the desire for it, it was right there as the milieu in which you were working. It was already within your environment, your energy sphere. So that which you have been looking forward to, bring it closer. You do not have to look far out there. Already bring it to you.

You are birthing a new adventure. You have said, “Alright, I have experimented with what I seemingly inherited as the world view of things.” Actually, you were creating along with it, but you have said, “Well, I have inherited it and I’ve done the best I could with it, and I’m still striving to become the best person that I can be,” and you already are.

Now you are moving into what you are going to recognize as a new adventure, a new place where you are coming totally alive. It is never too late to live that which you want to live, to be that which you want to be, to come totally and truly alive, out in the sunshine, doing what is your nature to do, to be in joy. Why not? The price is the same for the heaviness or for the joy. Go for the joy.

You are the Child in expression right here, adventuring, wanting to know, “How can I be in such beauty? How can I be worthy of this beauty?” It is because, from within you have brought it without, so that you could see it. Everything that you see “out there” has come first from within; otherwise, it would not be.

So when you see beauty out there and you enjoy the mountains, the snow on the mountains, the beautiful flowers, the colors of the flowers that are blooming, you have brought that from within so that you could gaze upon your creation and know that love has birthed it; your love.

You are the Mother in expression. You are the Mother to all of your creations. So as you are going through this time of change—there is much that is changing, and there will be in what you call the forwardness of time even greater changes—do not fear; that is an old pattern, to fear that which you do not know. Greet everything with joy, because you are creating it.

As you have experienced with the small ones, when they came to you they were a package unknown. You wondered, “What are they going to be like?” And you found out that this one is boisterous, this one is gentle, this one is loud, this one is quiet, etc. They all had, and still do, their own creative energy. I look upon you, and you are the gemstone of energy, creative expression.

Whenever you are contemplating change, there is going to be more and more to be happy about. It does not stop. You just keep on being happy, and more comes to you. You see it. And always, whenever you need a bit of encouragement, wanting a feeling of allowing the Heart to enlarge Itself, whenever you are wanting encouragement, call upon me. Call upon the Mother of you, the inner Mother of you, and say, “I need a good word of encouragement. I need a little bit of knowing that it’s going to be okay,” and it is. I can guarantee that, because I know that which you desire to experience and express. So I know it is going to be good. I can see that in what you look at as your future, because I see your desire. You do not want to just get older and have to sit somewhere and watch other ones getting older and having to sit somewhere. That may be their choice, but it does not have to be your choice. You can be in a place of great use all the time. Why not? You are creating every moment.

(Laughing) My son is saying to me, “Tell it like it is, Mom.” He is quite the encourager, one who encourages, as I am for you. In truth, I walk with you every day. In truth, I hear your thoughts. In truth, I see your energy levels. And there are times when I come to you and whisper in your ear, “Yes, but maybe there is more.”

Because sometimes you feel like, “Okay, this is as far as I can go. This is all I can do.” No, there is always more; always more joy, always more creativity, always more to be in love with, every occurrence you bring to yourself in order to be in love with it. Do not hold it at arm’s length and say, “I don’t deserve it. I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m too dumb. I am too whatever.”

Welcome it to you. Say, “Yes, I’m ready. I want to know what good I can experience in the next—hmm, let us see—fifteen minutes, okay. What good can I experience? Who will I look at who will look me straight in the eye and say, in words and in the gaze, “I see you, and I love you. I really appreciate you. Thank you for being on this journey with me.”

Because truly you walk nowhere alone. You may feel—and I have seen ones of you who walk with the head down and think, “Well, you know, I just have to get through one more day.” Yes, or you can be in joy with it. You deserve to know love. You deserve to know happiness. You deserve to know the expression of that which you truly desire.

That is the change that you are praying for. That is the change that you are calling forth. It may look sometimes like it is chaos. When you look at the world, the world is born of chaos. But you are creating a new world. You are creating a family of love. It is your Reality— with a capital “R”—from whence you have come, and you are making it now in your lower case “r” reality, because you want to remember, you want to really feel it, you want to really know it with every fiber of your physical being.

You stand now at a most exciting place, because you are right on the edge of the Awakening. You, as you see yourself to be individual, are moving right into that place where you wake up on the morrow, or this evening, and you say, “I am born anew.”

My son spoke that to you many, many years ago. Be born anew. The question then, in the grouping of people, was how can man enter the mother’s womb once again and be born anew? Well, you will not do it that way. You are born anew by the renewing of your Heart, the joy that we speak of, the joie de vivre, of coming alive in the joy of life, allowing yourself to know that truly you are here for a purpose: you are here to be Mother to yourself, you are here to understand your creations as being holy creations, you are here to understand that everything which happens is a step to Awakening. The world and the issues of the world are not the final result; they are but steps along the way to Awakening to All that you Are, divine steps to guide you Home.

It is not something that you have to study. It is not something that you have to have the great book to study. That will take you a certain journey, but it may or may not turn on the Heart. It may or may not get you to the place where you feel the change.

Always I walk with you. It cannot be otherwise. I tap you on the shoulder and whisper in your ear, “I love that which you are, always and forever, beyond the confines of time. I love that which you are.”

Always you walk in love. It cannot be otherwise. From Love you have come, to Love you will return in your awareness; always and forever in Love.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and Mother Mary
in expression through Judith.