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Mother Mary via Kerstin Eriksson, May 27th, 2020

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Mother Mary; Pan Terra!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
When a shepherd at the end of each day takes a rest in front of a fire,
he has most certainly counted all his sheep.And he most likely know each sheep too. He knows about all the young ones, and the ones that will give birth, he knows about the old ones that can not walk so fast as the young.

He most certainly plans the next day in front of the warming fire, while he is drinking his tea. He needs to plan the next day, which path he will guide his sheep to, he even has to remember where he walked the previous year. The seasons shift and the landscape too, and gives different opportunities to be grazing green grass.

The shepherd walks in forever changing terrains, and every step is carefully planned. And the little feet of the sheep gives a certain massage to the very ground that they are walking on. Their little hoovs are exactly what Mother Earth needs. And she also need their little pee and poops, they are exactly proportioned for the ground in which they land, it will give nutrition to the ground, in the correct proportions.

Every animal that walks on Earth gives a certain massage to the ground, to her, your Mother. There is no coincidense every animal are very important to her. They work together with her at all times. Every animal has its special weight, special feet, special ways of eating and special patterns of movement in the terrain that they are meant to live in.

The terrain on Terra changes constantly,  sometimes the ground is wet and moist, sometimes the ground is hard and dry, there are a million varieties.

The feet of the animals give the perfect massage, airing to the ground. It means that the soil gets a little turn-over, and even seeds are being awakened to begin to grow when the time is right.

And not only the ground is dependent on the movement of the animals! The air and the water too! The water and air are dependent on the animals movements. It actually desides where the rivers flow, and where the trees grow.

Every animal is important! There is a fragile system, an eco system that contains the very energy of this planet, everything is linked, there is no separation.

When the humans interfear with this fragile system, and do not understand each and everyones important role, for example when humans try to exterminate the wolves, very few understand the disaster it will lead to.

The very idea that the animals are not important, and that they lack a greater meaning on this planet is the first thing that means that you also lack the ability to see the importance of you, yourself!

And when you can understand the “big picture” that is when can understand your own existence!

The Black Panther, walks on Terra, with its paws, Pan-Ter-Ra, and gives the Earth massage too, Its weight is very important to the massage as well. She, Mother Earth, or Terra, feel every little foot, paw, hoove and more. She is dependent on the massage, the movement. It is stimulating her, making her live, making her bloom and evolve.

You all make beautiful patterns, you are all needed, and when you re-connect with Mother Earth and can hear her once again you will be changing your future into a wonderful future for all, including the animals!

When you embrace the notion in your hearts that everything is deeply connected as one that is the day you will truly feel that Terra is your true home!

I am Mother Mary and I walk beside you at all times and I know how important you are! I know how important you all are, humans, animals, and the garden of Mother Earth, the trees, the flowers, the bees, and the birds.

Just have faith in me, and just know in your heart that
I love you!

/Mother Mary