Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Linda Dillon, July 31st, 2017

“When you go about your day, shopping or doing your chores, you meet others in a great deal of pain and suffering that are coming to you for your light and for your beauty…”

Greetings my sweet Annas! I am Mare, Universal Mother Mary; I am your Mother, Mother of hope and love, Mother of change and transformation, Mother of All.

My beloved ones, sweet children of my heart, you are doing so well, and I am here to say to thee, that you are my pride. And my precious ones, you are filling my heart with joy in every moment you choose love over fear!

These are rapid and turbulent times of change since everyone is being affected by my Tsunami of Love. And many out there are responding to this intense light in fear and anger, holding tight on what they know, holding tight on the old.

You are my bright ones, you are the brave warriors of light, to immerse yourselves in this density and to hold on to the light, to show the way, to give them hope and to show them that there is another way, an easier way to get back home.

But you do not have to sit for too long down there, you are to take these low density trips for a short period of time, for I am waiting for you back home, to hold you, to heal and patch your wounds, to nurture and replenish you with my love.

When you go about your day, shopping or doing your chores, your daily job where you meet others, you do step into the lower vibration, for you planned it this way, so you meet others in a great deal of pain and suffering that are coming to you for your light and for your beauty.

Many who come to you peacefully and respectfully are asking for help and advice, for indeed they want the change. And you are thrilled, to say the least, to give every particle and ounce of love that you have. You feel that this is how you are fulfilling your mission and the promise you have made to me.

There are a few, though, that have been deeply hurt and lost their trust in any human being. They have no remaining hope and these ones come to you in anger and fear, covertly asking for more fuel to add to their rage and feelings of powerlessness. These are indeed the ones that need the most love and healing, and your big and beautiful heart knows that. But you are not required to save them, to even attempt to give them love forcefully, for in this current state they are completely closed and in a non-receiving mode.

Remain loving and in high integrity, while setting clear and firm boundaries, and then don’t be afraid to send them on their way, letting them know that when they are ready and willing to help themselves you are going to be supportive and available.

Let go of the need to explain and justify your actions. Do not give them your energy and attention, and mostly do not respond in a defensive manner by closing your heart and shielding yourselves.

We need you to be strong and bright. We need your stable and calming energies to hold that space for the ones that are awakening and want to see the truth and to remove all veils and illusions.

Find your way back to me often my dearest and brave angels. Come and sit with me every morning, and many times thereafter throughout the day. If you feel the need do not hesitate, for I am always with thee!

I will leave you now with my embrace and never-ending love. Farewell.

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