Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Linda Dillon, May 20th, 2017

Universal Mother Mary: Allow Yourself to Float on My Love


Saturday Conference Call, May 20, 2017

“Allow Yourself to Float on My Love” by Universal Mother Mary


Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of hope, Mother of love. Welcome, welcome my sweet angels, daughters and sons, earthkeepers and starseed, pillars and portals.

I embrace you all and I gather you unto my heart, unto my soul, unto my being. You are mine, you always have been, you always will be regardless of where you wander or how deep you swim, you are mine.

But just as important, remember sweet ones…I am yours…infinitely and eternally, practically, and in your moment of now as well, I am with you.

And yes, I have activated the resurgence of this Tsunami of Love, of my Tsunami of Love. And what does this mean? Now understand, during the human experience and during the general human experience…because it is the general collective that we are also addressing with this energy, whether they are aware of it or not, it matters not, I penetrate them. But think of it as a rule of thumb that the percentage, the element, the experience of my love is but a small percentage or quotient of my essence.

And I have done this and I do this because I have no desire to electrify, overwhelm, electrocute any of you. My plan is not to wipe the planet clean of humanity. Quite the contrary…it is to awaken, revitalize, reconstitute, recalibrate.

Now, each of you, sweet angels, have had experiences where you have felt my love, where you have felt very clearly my presence…you who I speak to this day more than most… and you have had that sense of overwhelming love, overwhelming connection and the depth of our interweaving, our conjoining in sacred union, in partnership, that is truly the truth of our relationship.

I renew my Tsunami of Love so that more of the collective…those of those who are sitting on the fence; those who have said, “I’m not interested. I don’t want to hear any of this spiritual garbage”; those who are adamant in their rigid beliefs that there is only one way to experience divinity – which is absurd –

I create millions of pathways; those who are recalcitrant, who literally fight me, the Father, All, in every breath. Now, I have increased their quotient of awareness, their quotient of awareness of love, with my ongoing tsunami and particularly the first wave, the second wave, the third wave. But they’re not quite there yet.

If nothing else, I am not only constant in my attendance to all of you, diligent, I am very persistent.

I have eternity to play with, as that is what we do, but in that eternity, and within the brackets of your time, there is also the unfoldment of my Plan. And so, once again I bring my tsunami to penetrate all…all of humanity, all of Gaia, all of the kingdoms, and all of you…every fiber, cell, molecule, sub-atomic particle of your being. But sweet angels, this does not need, I do not require or request that this be tumultuous for thee.

And that is why I have brought you, this day and every day, to the quiet cove, to the place of gentle wave action and ripples where you may simply bathe in my love and yes, feel again an increase, an expansion of my gifts of clarity and purity and grace, wonder and awe.

Now, it is true for that collective, they may feel – and many are already – that they are riding the rough seas. But regardless of that, they’re also receiving greater clarity and purity and grace. The expansion, my beloveds, that you are capable of is infinite. You are of my breath. You are of my pattern. You are mine and that is all.

There are some of you whose sole mission and purpose is to go out of the placid cove and to go and life save some who believe they have been tipped over riding the waves, that they are drowning. They are not drowning; they are being reborn.

But for most of you, my request to thee is come into the gentleness. I do not wish to sweep you away but I do wish to wash you clean, to refresh you, to renew you. So, come to the water’s edge, allow yourself to float on my love, to be, literally, a part of my nurturing, my comfort. I am the strongest and the gentlest; these are not polar opposites, they are one. Allow this deeper integration and simply know, sweet ones, I am with you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.