Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Lynne Rondell, January 6th, 2021

You are So Loved! It’s Time to Return Back to your Heart! | Mother Mary via Lynne Rondell

January 6, 2021

Hi, Lynne coming back to you this beautiful Monday with a channeling.

Tonight I’m going to channel Mother Mary for all of you.

So here we go.


I Mother Mary wish to speak to all of you about what is going on on your planet and plane.

I also wish to speak to you about how we are feeling in the higher realms and about what is really important to all of you right now.

I Mother Mary want to say that there is quite a gift on your planet right now, there is quite an abundance of something on your planet right now and there’s quite an abundance of healing energy on your planet right now as well.

I’m coming through this channeler today to bring you a message forth to all of you that you’re loved, that you are really really loved, that you are loved from the highest realms, that you are loved from all of us who have served on your planet and plane before and that you are loved from the highest collective of light.

You are loved from the angelic high kingdom, you are loved from the galactic high kingdoms, the highest realms 12th dimension and down and you are loved so much on this planet and plane for what you are going through because you are birthing not only a new earth but you are birthing a new civilization and in birthing a new civilization you have to realize that it is all on the inside.

You have to realize it is all about love. There is nothing on the external ever that matters as much as it does as on the internal and there is nothing that really can shift a collective more than love.

You have to go within and you have to resonate more from your hearts and you have to know that you have birthed a civilization and a community and humanity of love.

You have to know that the going to the fifth dimension is not just about the dimensional increase but it is about going back to your hearts and you have to know that what it takes is love, that what is needed is love, that what is needed is peace on your planet to reign.

That also what is needed is for humanity to look around and see the injustices, to look around and see that what doesn’t work and to look around and see all that needs love and send love to what needs love, send love from your hearts, send white light from your hearts, send love to all the situations on your planet that need to be fixed, send love to all the situations and people on your planet that need to be healed, send love to all on your planet that need the love.

For it is about love, it is only about love, it is about retreating back to your hearts from which you did come from before you jump down into this plane and planet in a very dense dimension where you forgot who you truly were. You are beings of light and you are beings of love.

So i Mother Mary, i’m bringing through this message for this channeler who did ask tonight to speak, that i would speak i’m going to say through her so that she can convey the messages of love, that she can convey to all of you that it is about returning home to the heart.

It is the heart that is the master really of your life, it is the heart that finds all the situations you’re in and pushes you through all of them as well. It is the heart and going through pain should only bring you back more to your heart center. You have everything you need to journey to the fifth dimension, you have it already within you for it is in your heart.

For the higher collective of light they are based in their heart, they are journeying with their heart, they’re not journeying on the external world as you see in this third dimensional paradigm that you live in they are turning with their heart, they are of love, they are of peace, they are of compassion and they are one unified body of love.

Something to think about when you are journeying forward with what you have to do now. Something to think about when things get really rough out there, go back to your heart, it is through the heart center that all is done that really matters. It is through the heart that you really communicate not only with the rest of your humans but with the higher forces of light: your divinity, your god force, god source, your universal being whatever it is called that is what is needed now.

Go back to the heart and journey within and so you should go forward and so you will roll to the fifth dimension and onward but it does take a lot. It does take the knowing that this is the external and the internal work is really what is needed now for it is needed to bring all of you back home, back to your heart, back to your heart center where you really always navigated from but you lost your way on this third dimensional plane.

Come back home to your heart and know it is all about love. We love you, you are being sent so much love down from the heavens from the galactic high councils and from all of us that are on different realms.

You are journeying forward and the journey forward to the fifth dimension does require you to go through the external, it does require you to really feel compassionately for others and it does require you to return home to your heart.

Know that you are loved, know that you are supported and know that your journey forward is one of love.

I Mother Mary look forward to hopefully bringing through many more transmissions through this channel, sending you such love, sending you blessings and light.


Thank you Mother Mary that was a very choking up experience for me, the energies were so divine.

I hope this channeling resonates with you it is all about love, it is all about the heart and it is all about journeying back home and navigating from there i look forward to bringing through many more channelings for all of you i’m sending you such love, such light and blessings.

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