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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mother/Father God

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father/Mother God and I am the one leading you home now. Many eons have passed since you separated from me and now the day has come when we are all on our way home again. It is a big day for humanity and it is a big day for heaven and all the entities that reside there. They as me have patiently waited for your arrival and they just as me are expectant and joyous that this day has arrived. Within a very short future time we will all be able to hold you in our embrace and this joy cannot with words be described here.

It has been a long journey but you have stepped out of the chains that have surrounded you and are now taking the first steps into the reality of light. You might be a little ruffled up and bruised, but with a sure and victorious gaze. As your Father/Mother I can only be proud of you. You have already taken the first stumbling steps and now the steps will be easier and easier until you literally are dancing forward. Dance, music and singing are tools that you have brought with you so that you will not forget who you are and so that you will get the opportunity to hear the music in your hearts. The song in your hearts has always called upon you. It reminds you all the time about which path to follow in order to be able to return home. There has always existed a small opening to your soul and you always had the choice to open it more or close altogether. You have always lived with free will and made the choices that you have longed for.

The experience is big within these my children on Earth and there are many who want to share these with you. There are many wise men on your Earth and it is as wise men that they will carry out their planetary tasks. This goes of course for both men and women. There is no difference in the world that you are on your way towards. It is time to see beyond the world that you are in and towards the world that you are on route to. It is world full of opportunities with fresh water and sunshine for all that need it. The plant kingdom will be lush with all the kinds of plants that you can or cannot imagine. There is so much more beyond your ability to imagine. When the heart is fully open and you enter into this world of Light and Love you will understand and your happiness will be far beyond your current world as your heart must be fully open in order to fit there.

You are my beloved children and my heart is fully open to you and my embrace is always open whenever you choose to return. I have always, I have always been with you – in every breath you take I am there. I feel your thoughts and feelings. I can feel your longings and worries. I feel your steps and follow you wherever you go. You are all my beloved children and each hair on your head is counted. My wish is that you all will return home and get to enjoy the love and the light that you once were born to and which is your birthright.

You are all the light and the love that I once created and nobody or nothing can change this. In your heart a light is burning. Let it spread and burn so that your heart opens up and then breaks out in full bloom. You are the most beautiful flowers one can find and my love grows with yours, as we are all One.

I am your Father/Mother God and you are all my beloved children. Your time to come home is now and I await you will open arms and all the love that is in my heart.

Father/Mother God





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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