Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, February 14th, 2017


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – February 14th, 2017

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  And a most Joy-full Valentine’s Day celebration of Love to you – and actually the day before, the day of, and the day after – no matter where you live in the World!  And there are many, many countries who observe Valentine’s Day.  But to some extent it has become kind of like Christmas -with expectations of gifts, and so on, and so on.  We’re not going to dwell on that.

“We want to just suggest that we all join together and remember what Love really is!  It is High Dimensional.  It is Unconditional.  It is the kind of Love that fills the entirety of one’s energy fields with Joy, just because you’re Who You Are, and you are feeling your Divinity and your Unlimited Empowerment to create whatever it is that you choose to create!  And when you join together in a Family or in a Community, it is all that much more powerful, when one or more are focusing upon the same creation.

“Now, I shall pause for one moment here before we continue with the Love vibes, but actually it is to incorporate them into the situation in California with that dam.*  Now this is another case of those who were given the information, ignoring it, or not listening, or however you choose to see it.  FORGIVE THEM!!!  They didn’t realize what the outcome could be.

“You know, humans have a certain indestructibility about them. They do not always believe, even when it is presented right in front of them, or in the most educational of manners.  They don’t always BELIEVE that it’s really going to happen, ‘Oh, no, this isn’t going to happen to me because I don’t want it to!’  Well, you know, Beloved Ones, it’s not about what you want or don’t want. It’s about what you create!!!  And if you want to be sure that you are going to receive the Highest benefit that you possibly could from your creations, then what is it that you need to empower them with?  You know!  It’s LOVE!

“Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe!  So what we will say to you is that what you’ve been hearing about this situation – and about all others, such as the Standing Rock situation (oh yes, that’s coming back), the bankster situation, and so on and so on – it is to shower them with Love.  And if you will join together in your intentional requirement to join together with everyone – below, on and above Planet Earth – who is shining the Light, the Light of Love upon the dam and all of these other situations – JOIN YOUR VOICES!!!  We’re talking about the voices of your Hearts, and oh yes, your 3D voices!

“If you choose to get together and have some kind of a guided meditation, this is all wondrous indeed.  But just by committing yourselves AS INDIVIDUALS, by committing to join your Hearts with all like-minded ones – even those who might not be fully informed, may not even know how powerful they are, may not be awake to their own empowerment – that’s PERFECT, because you can lift them up so they ‘get it!’  You know, people don’t always get that buzz or tingle of confirmation upon their first effort, or their second, or their third.  But if you’re joined with them, they have a much Higher – Exponentially Higher – opportunity to really get up into that Higher Dimensional Vibration!!!

“So you are doing service, not only for those directly involved – or about to be involved – upon whatever event, or prevention of events, that you’re focusing upon – but you have an opportunity to serve everyone who is joining with you, no matter to what extent they are awake or experienced or open-Hearted.

“And this is during this 3-day window which is known as Valentine’s Day but it is more than that because it is High vibe, High energy coming in – Heart energy, Love energy, Joy energy! We’ll hear more about that from Sekhmet, of course.**  It is to know that we are TOGETHER, that we are with you, that you are with us, and that we are literally opening the doors to the Golden Age!  And along the way, we are dispelling, let us say, the great network – or cobwebs – of untruth, and clearing the Path.  You know, you don’t like to get hit with a bunch of cobwebs as you’re moving along a path! So we’re making the Path clearer and clearer and clearer for you – and all who are joining with you – on this Path into the Golden Age.  And this Path is Truth!  It is a Path of Truth fueled by Love!!!  And THAT is what is so important!!!  Be steadfast!  If you run into a bit of a detour or perhaps there is a little cobweb that manages to come and obscure your vision, you are fully empowered to clear whatever it is to get back on your True Path!

“Everyone is having challenges now.  And the increased energies, particularly the Love Energies, can be overwhelming for some.  If you need to stop, take time out and rest, do it!  Or go to your favorite tree.  Sit underneath it and take yourself into Higher Dimensional Reality, where your Truth lies.  Be not distracted by those who are so afraid of these Love Energies, that they are deliberately putting everything in front of you they can that is low vibe.  Don’t let them distract you – SEND THEM LOVE!!! There’s plenty of it within your beings, and coming to you – particularly as I have said – during these three days of the opening even more of the Hearts!

“Think ‘Valentines opening Hearts, opening Hearts, opening Hearts,’ very simply welcoming these increased energies of Love that are coming, breathing them in, letting them come in and fully settling into beautiful waves of balance and harmony within your beings.  Savor them!  They are much more effective than a box full of chocolates!  This Love energy is what is real!!!  It’s what you’re already made of – but you’ve also got some 3D elements, too.  So bathe yourselves in it!  Be in Oneness with it! And then if you want to focus it back out to help, it will be that much more effective, because you have EXPONENTIALLY increased its empowerment!

“Think about that!  Think about bringing in even more LoveLight to increase your own, and how much more powerful it is when you send it out!  And, by the way, put yourselves on automatic refill because you have the ability to bring it in, even as you sleep, and certainly when you meditate.  And at the same time, remember to call it forth, with all Joy and Gratitude, to come in and to form those harmonious waves within yourselves, to keep yourselves from being overwhelmed by it or exhausted by it!!!  It’s coming in to help Planet Earth on its Ascension Path and more immediately to help Planet Earth into the Golden Age.  So utilize it to its fullest and when you send it out, send it everywhere to everyone!

“There are those who are so devoid of Love, they are into its opposite, which is fear.  And I’m not talking about any particular hat color that they might be wearing.  I’m talking about people as a whole in the World.  And, of course, there is the opposite of Love being broadcast by those who are only part human or wearing the identities of humans, so I’m not telling you that this is easy or a breeze!  It’s a strong, gale-force wind, but it is up to you to direct it so that it is uplifting. 

“Let the winds LIFT you up – the winds of change, the winds coming in, the strong waves of Love that the winds are bringing.  Breathe them in, breathe them out and let yourselves float or flow easily and with Grace, feeling the Freedom that this brings you – Freedom from all the stresses and the cares and the worries, which are ending anyway, in favor of Truth, Reality and knowing yourselves completely!  Because there is nothing that is more powerful to blow those cobwebs out of your Path, to keep you empowered upon the Path that you want to be on, than the LoveLight energies!!!  And when you bring them in as strong, helping breezes or winds – LoveLight waves coming into your beings – you are leading Humanity into a harmonious journey of awakenings with Joy, awakenings to Love, and knowing the Truth of the Love that People Really Are!

“So we thank you for your service in this Ashtar On The Road Family.  We thank you for listening and for feeling the empowerment of Love as it truly is – High Dimensional, Unconditional, Eternal and Who You and We Really Are!  And so it is.  Salut!”

**Link to 2-14-17 Teleconference:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 14, 2017.
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