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Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg – VIDEO, January 19th, 2018

Published on Jan 21, 2018

I am Father/Mother God who is speaking to you today my dear children on Earth. The light shines now with a steady glow over you and it helps you to bring light to all your nooks. Everything is being lit up on Earth today. Everything is lit up in your bodies. Let it shine dear children on Earth… let it shine and be no longer afraid of the light, as the light is your dearest friend and comes with much balsam for your souls. The soul can now free itself from its chains like the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon and then spreads out its beautiful wings under the rays of the sun. It then… flies off to wherever its wings take it and just enjoys its newly found freedom. It lives for the day and neither yesterday or tomorrow concerns it. It is like a butterfly that you should try your wings and it is in the now that you should live. Everything happens now and it is much that is happening now dear children. You are growing out of the cocoon stage to become a splendid butterfly that enjoys all it sees and does.

Let the joy and the love move into your hearts and let the soul show you the way now. The soul prefers to be free and not attached and to do that which is beautiful and loving for itself and others involved. It can be brave and strong and it acts in its own power with the light tones that it belongs to. No longer close in your soul. It seeks the light – its secure home abode. It looses its footing in the dark and can get lost. Let in the light to your soul and you will be thousandfold rewarded, as your soul is light and truthful and just wants the best for you. It is the instrument for your journey and knows the tones that your body needs. You have a true friend in your soul and you can find it deep inside you heart, unless you already have prepared some space for it by opening up your heart to the light and good that is within you.

Yes, dear children, many of you have already done this. You have prepared space for your soul and you have started your journey from darkness to light. Some of you are in the final phase of this journey and the light is starting to take over more and more in your body. The same is true for your Earth. Earth is filling itself with light every day and spreads it across its surface so that more will have the opportunity to absorb light into their hearts.

It is a light and beautiful time that is approaching for the children of Earth. It is a light and beautiful time for me, your God, Father/Mother, Source, or what else you want to call me. You are all my dear children and I have always waited for your return to the light, which you once left but now you are on your way back to it. It is easier than you think. You just need to choose it in order to find it. There are many many entities that are helping you with it. You just need to whisper your wish into your heart. I am always with you and I can hear your wish and your wish is my law. Thus have much faith and trust in yourselves and the law that rules in the Universe that I have created. Your light is with you. You just need to choose to bring it out dear children. I am waiting for you…we are waiting for you…always. You are my beloved children and you will always be in my heart. Your light is my light and my light is yours. This is the way it is and always will be.

There are large forces around you now that help you find your way to your light – you just need to choose it. It is your will, your free will that determines which path that you will follow. I respect that will and will always love you and be with you regardless of which path you choose.

I leave this message with great love and wish you now a light and loving journey.

Father/Mother God
Ann Dahlberg

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Song: Ruby by Harpist Paul Baker