Love is our new reality

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Mothers and Pets via Galaxygirl, January 27th, 2018

Mothers and Pets 1/27/18

Good morning, good day, children of my heart! It is I, your dear Mother Mary and I come to bring you good news to comfort your weary hearts. For too long you have suffered in feeling alone and we come today to tell you that could not be further from the truth! For you are surrounded by love, by us, your family and friends in higher dimensional form than you at this time, but this does not mean that you are less than – for we are all connected! We are one big happy family having a tremendous adventure at this time. You brave ones volunteered to forget, and then to remember at the time of the great awakening and ascension transition period. I tell you the truth – you will remember and have the privilege of remembering your many experiences in many places and times all over the galaxy. May I gently remind you that you -we- are eternal beings? These is much to experience and many ways to grow and to expand at this time and at all of your other many times of life that you have lived. May I gently remind and encourage you to remember that you were very honored and excited and pleased for this incarnation of light anchoring on Mother Gaia? What a tremendous honor and privilege to serve such an integral aspect of the great physical ascension of form. What an honor. So do not be discouraged, children. No. Please be encouraged and comforted by my presence and my grace and in nestling into my energy find the comfort and strength that is already within you. You need only to acknowledge and expand it. That is all for now. I believe Mother Gaia wishes to join in and say a few words.

Hello children. What a beautiful day! I am your Mother Gaia. Be encouraged and soak up my newly encoded marvelous energies of light that are all around you! Feel my pulse of green healing light from my center and let it into every one of your cells, for it is time to get even more ready than you have been. For all is unfolding at such a rapid pace. My kingdoms feel it. They sense the change. Have your animal friends been ever more attentive and ever more close to you? They are helping you transmit and transmute the light. They are helping you to ground and to provide frequency expansion to your surrounding family and friends. For you are receivers, transmitters – that is why holding a high vibration at this time is so important for me, for us, for each other to get through and push the envelope of possibility and expand into the newness. We are truly bursting through the chrysalis! Nothing can hold us back, for we are in this together and what an honor to share this experience together as one! I believe my animal kingdom wishes to speak now.

Hi friends! We animals (who you would call your pets) are here to ever support and to ever love you. Can you feel our love in these words? Would you please help us by showing us more love? We are tired and are working hard for you, Humanity, and we love you and wouldn’t have it any other way, but please don’t be frustrated with us, be loving. Help our kingdoms. The animals need a voice. We need to be heard. We are love embodied. We don’t understand what you understand but we do know love. You can learn from us and we can learn from you. Don’t forget us. Protect us as we protect you. We love you. We are your friends. Tell us anything and of course we will listen. We all serve the Mother as one. We all are serving hard in this big transition. We are holding the light. We need more water, more love, more light, just like you. We are your pets. We see what you can’t see yet and that’s ok. We will continue to serve and hold the light for you. We love you.

I am your Mother Sekmet. It is true the animal kingdom of your planet has suffered much at the hands of Humanity. It is time to rise up and to defend and to protect all of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms. It is time to act as a united Humanity and speak up. It is time to be that which you came here to be. Keep your promises. I am here to assist and to lend support. Truly yes, these are wearing times and you have the support you need to get you through, should you remember to but ask for it. You are not alone. We watch, we wait, we reach out, we assist and we are here for you in your time of ascension, just as we have been previously, but the veil made it harder to appreciate this. Fortunately, we are in a new era of change and upliftment for Gaia and her creatures. Protect her. Be the light and know all is truly working out and that truly you are divinely directed, protected and loved. I am your Mother Sekmet. Call on me. I am ever here to serve the great Universal Mother of creation and all eyes are on you, humans, and much love and support are being sent your way. That is all for now.

I am your Mother Mary and I send you tremendous comfort and love and light. Drink it up and into your vey heart of hearts, your sacred heart of truth and accept it. We leave you now with comfort and love. It was our privilege to speak with you today.

~ galaxygirl