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Nathan, a Lava stone, via Iris, May 12th, 2019



05 / 12 / 2019 Lava – Message


“Hello, may I introduce myself: My name is Nathan, a Lava stone. And after a long time of silence I will get in touch with you today with a message.

For the time being I would like to take up a lance for our species. Only a few know the extent to which it is possible to resonate with us. We are the primal power, the change and the change. We are God’s message for renewal. And we carry the light within us. We are love and joy and have stored the power of transformation. We are in resonance with your consciousness to sharpen and strengthen it. Our particles are nourishing and healing. We raise the vibration and are among the Light – Finishers. Knowledge is imparted to you as you hold our species. Freedom and grandeur come and the light of your cells breaks in our encounter.

Those who look into me recognize timelessness. So I would like to remind you to form the most beautiful moment that is possible for you in timelessness – in the now. You shape this moment in connection with your heart. Always let new moments arise that correspond to you and your being. Hear the whispering of your soul. In the love of being you will find peace and respect. New circles of effect can arise and unfold. 

We from the lava community enjoy the flow of life and being. We also enjoy very simple things. Our structure is a network of magnetic connections that interweave. We are a part of the earth that is in motion. As everything flows so also do we. Because we also have a destiny and a place.

Today I bring you a message of light. This message contains the love for being and the acceptance of everything – what – is. The knowledge unfolds that everything is one and is integrated in an infinite power and dignity. So look behind what is there. See with the eyes of love and touch with your heart. Everything is connected with each other. I look at you and feel connectedness and blessing. I feel humility and share my love. In friendship I remain connected to you even if you do not know me. I am a part of what vibrates in you as everything vibrates with each other.

From my heart to your heart I greet you and may my blessing fill you”.



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