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“Omnibus” – GCR/RV SITREP – Thursday – September 6, 2017

“Omnibus” – GCR/RV SITREP – Thursday – September 6, 2017

The hurricane name of “Irma” is German in origin, and comes from the Old Germanic word ‘irmin’ which means War Goddess.

The irony is that the war is over.

The cabal surrendered from the top down back in 1996 and then again from the bottom up in 2012.

What’s left is the mop up crew.

Problem is old scorpions still sting, and these last two hurricanes are the dying scorpion still stinging before its irreversible death.

There’s a benevolent miracle in all this that will present itself at the right time, but people in Florida and the entire Eastern Seaboard are gonna get wet.

The good news is this should be it–in terms of scorpions stinging.

As we have said before many times, the chaos must ratchet up before the rainbow follows behind the storm.

We thought that was Hurricane Harvey. We pray that its Hurricane Irma.

A male and female hurricane btw with the female hurricane being much more powerful. Interesting.

No one, and I mean no one, is questioning the end result–the freedom of humanity and release of global financial reforms.

Everybody knows it’s coming and won’t relent. So why all the chaos? Why the madness? Why a 1,000 year flood and largest Atlantic hurricane ever?

Who knows.

What we do know is that when this volume of caged capital is released upon the earth, nothing is ever gonna be the same.

War won’t be an option at that point because there will be enough of everything.

What is now interesting, at least politically, is how all these Congressional bills and dire natural disaster situations (plus DACA and Obamacare) are all stacked atop each other–including the Trump/Russia/Mueller investigation as the orange cherry on top.



Collectively is this the flash-bang we’ve been looking for?

Gotta be, right? An ominous grouping of nightmare scenarios that miraculously get resolved at once by a suddenly functioning US government just as Trump is forced to resign?

Am I giving away the end of the movie too soon? My bad. Bad Yo-Yo!
But seriously who wouldn’t pay their full attention to such a historic moment? Us that’s who. The chosen ones.

We have a solemn humanitarian job to do and have long seen through all this manufactured hysteria.

Makes one wonder if these hurricanes were some pre-negotiated surrender term? Now that’s an interesting bone to chew on!

While we wait on macro events to unfold, there’s a movement of people taking action on their humanitarian goals and projects.

We are all gathering at because it’s the only realistic non currency, community bridge out of the monotony of Dinarland, Dongville, and Zimlandia.

It’s also a serious financial hedge against your own currency redemption to improve your life. Bond SKRs don’t need 800#s because they already been redeemed.

Think of it as sovereign project funding insurance if you will–making waiting on currency redemptions just another performance option.

That’s why we are intaking qualified project plans and volunteer information–as this community no longer must be worried nor dependent about RV performance.

Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. God is with us.