One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Samarco, May 18th

“One Who Serves” here. You know by this funny accent who this is! Those of us in “OWS” and “Ashira” are standing by to assist with any questions you have. We always love to answer your questions because it gives us a chance to speak out, to reach out, to assist you in all of those things that you have been wondering about for maybe years. Maybe even lifetimes and have not asked the question. Maybe now after receiving the answers to your questions you are ready to move on to the next level of understanding.

This is how the Ascension Process goes. Please do not be afraid to ask your questions. We promise you, we do not bite. So, ask your questions and we will do all we can to assist you. “OWS” does not have any information for you at this time. Fire away with your questions!

Question: I have had many dreams of being on ships over the years and I have had a couple of experiences of seeing psychedelic colors and a round seat in a room. Is that a seat for some kind of advancement?

It sounds like you are having many experiences that are leading you along the path of your Ascension. For you the colors that are unlike others normally seen on this plane are 5th dimensional colors. You can be in all confidence that these are experiences that you are having. Even though you do not believe you are very comfortable in talking with others about this you can talk to us because we are eager to share and give you the opportunity to move forward.

Embrace it. Accept it. Know that it is real and that you can replicate these whenever you want out of your existence. All right?

Not only this only this one who is speaking but all of you are going to be having these types of experiences as well. And when you are on the ships they will not be what you expect here on this planet. More of the type of your Star Trek situation but even more. There is literally consciousness on this ship and within the ship itself. As you interact with the ship, it interacts with you as well.

It is going to be an amazing experience when you first find yourselves on these ships whether it is in your astral or etheric forms or even your physical forms as times move forward and you are to be in the physical form on these ships. In your physical form that you have rarified with a lack of density we would say. Higher vibration, certainly.

“Anne” (Hollow Earth moderator)
I was thinking of the “acceleration” chair that is on, “Voltran’s” ship. He is a cosmic psychotherapist and we can ask to be taken to that chair to help build us up for our direction in Ascension.

For those who are reading this or listening to it, the idea of an accelerator has been around a long time. Back in the ‘60’s of your time there was work done on an accelerator called the “Hilleron Accelerator”. The plans were drawn out, everything was channeled but those of the group that received it were not yet ready for this. If they were to begin with the working model most likely the cabal would have come in and put a quash on it as well.

The reason we are saying this is that it is not new. Accelerator devises have been in the works for a very long time now. When you speak of moving into an accelerator or crystal chambers or any of these kinds of things they are scientifically advanced. Scientifically understood at certain levels. It is not magical and you will come into working with these devices more and more where you will walk into or lay into these devices. It has been here a long time now and has not been brought out directly.

Question: My son is having vivid dreams with bright colors. He is dreaming of interacting with Giants. He is aware that the light on the planet is very bright. How can I explain these experiences to him?

How old is your son? 18 years And is he open a lot or a little? A lot. So what is your decision about not speaking to him about these dreams? Not giving information he could utilize? These are dreams that are opening him more and more. They are helping him to understand and experience the higher dimension, the higher frequency. These will help both of you on this path.

We would say to you to not worry about whether or not to have this conversation, answer his questions. Give him information in small amounts and then when he asks a bigger question give him more. We would definitely say that this is a path both of you have set to walk together. OK?

And this is for all of you. You are moving in this direction in your missions to assist those who are ready to be assisted. To be of service to those who are wanting service. This is what you are here to do so open up to those who are ready. To those who are open to a deeper understanding, some awareness, some awakening. You are here for all those. You can do this! The more you do this the more acclimated you will become to the energies that are involved and you will want to this more and more and more. Eventually you may be like us or “Ashira”. OK?

Question: I have a question about “Elan Musk”. How is he involved with all that is going on?

It is part of the great orchestration that is going on. All is a part of this. It is coming from many different levels. You have your part that you are receiving from various intel, from your alternative media and websites. Then there are those who are moving along a scientific path. Those are doing it from a 3D understanding. It is helping them as well to move into the new golden age. At some point it all will come together for it is all being orchestrated to come together at some point. This is a part of bringing all together here.

Question: I was wondering if I am from Atlantis?

Are you from Atlantis? You are from so many places that if you knew all your head would spin! Everything that you bring with you from all your past lives as well as the lives you are leading in other places all blends perfectly to who you are in this moment, in this time and in this place. Everything is to be revered, everything is to be respected. Everything is a part of you.

So yes, you have Atlantean lives but you have so many lives that are important to what you are accomplishing in your world. All right?

And we would add here that not only have you lived in Atlantis and Lemuria and so many lives here and also from other systems, other galaxies even. So do not be concerned about where you have been. You are a multidimensional being. This is what all of you have to come to understand more and more, the idea of multidimensionality. More than just the you. You are not a small you, you are a large you. Think more and more of being the larger you, the Higher Self of you. OK?

Question: Can you tell us more about the “Guardians” who have returned?

Yes. We can share a little bit but we are kept from telling too much here because they are very private, very secretive in many respects. Not in the same terms of the Cabal but they are secretive and private because they must be. They may not interfere and they know this.

But they have come back from long time ago. They are also known as the “Builder Race”. The ancient builder race and they have come back to assist in this new understanding, this transition, this Ascension Process. They are very close to Earth here, to Gaia.

They are here to assist in any way they can. This is major for all of us on the earth here because they do not come around very often. More like hundreds of thousands of years in some cases of times when they will appear. So if you look at your “Corey Goode” who speaks of these “Guardians” and those in Hollow Earth who have been waiting for “Guardians” to return, well, they’re back!

Question: Can you tell us where they are from?

They are from everywhere. Literally, everywhere. We are not joking here.

Question: Are they cosmic beings or a level of gods?

You can look at them as cosmic beings, yes. They are everywhere. They are not forms. They can take form but they are not forms. They cannot do anything that is interference. They can do just enough to be of assistance in the ascension Process of the Earth and the Solar System and the galaxy itself.

So when you hear of these great spheres that are here to assist in the process of reducing the energy that is coming from the great Galactic Sun. Without them helping dissipate some of the energies, we would not be talking as we are here now. OK?

Question: A few years ago I had an experience where I was awakened from sleep by a burst of light from the center of my head and then very loudly I heard something that I could not understand. What was the light and the saying?

This experience opened you at a very deep level. It helped you to understand the truth of your being at that level. Light. And the feminine voice was actually your Higher Self speaking to you. This was a call, a first awakening call, to move you onto your path. This gave you power to draw from and put you onto the path you are on today, in the immediate now.


Were you doing any yoga prior to this?

Comment: I had about a year of experience with light prior to this.

We would ask if you are familiar with a Kundalini experience? This is what you are having. It can be somewhat sudden at times and not something you are working toward. ‘There are those who try to raise the Kundalini, that serpent at the base of the spine, that energy, that light force.

For many they are not ready for it but for you it was a sudden experience and when you have this experience just go with it, enjoy it. It is part of and where you come from. You bring with you much more than this experience. You bring this to you and as “Ashira” has said, it is an awakening process that is going on here. It is an alarm clock that has been tripped and is bringing the awareness to you. And as we relate from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the individual to the many we would say that many of you are going to have similar experiences to this. You might not have an exact experience but something more and more similar as you come to understand fully, and I can fully, who you are. OK?

Question: Can you tell me what language she was saying?

It was more of a telepathic communication in the language of light.

Question: What is the difference between compassionate giving and enabling?

So, enabling is when one gives with an expectation. One gives because they are going to get something in exchange. Maybe it is something they want. Maybe it is something they do not want but they expect something in exchange.

Compassionate giving is given with an open heart. An open hand. With no expectation of a return. No expectation of what shall come. Compassionate giving is what each of you is here for and each of us is here for. Does that help?

We would add that the “Guardians” here that we spoke of earlier are compassionate givers.

Question: What can you say that you get from us I reference to what you spoke of earlier how you receive from us as well.

Entertainment. (laughter) No, we joke here certainly.

We chuckle often over the things you have come up and things you are dealing with . But please, know that we were once where you are. Not in this time period but we have been there and done that and as we have said many times, we are not going to do it again! We commend you for all you do and are here to assist in any way we can.

What we “get” from you is your love of life, you persistence. Every day you come back and do what you do over and over and over. We watch this and we are so pleased when we can give a word here to assist you and you decide to change your opinion a little bit. We want you to experience your life fully and completely and continue to raise your vibrations. Sometimes that is very difficult to do when you are in the mindset of this world. So we are very pleased when you make the changes necessary to move into the higher vibrations. OK?

Question: Can you share light on Billy Meier’s visit with the Pleidians to year 32 when he met Jesus. They said his name was Jemanuel and I was wondering what you can say to this?

What we would say about this is that there are so many experiences that people are hearing about, seeing about, sharing about throughout the Internet. We are not going to give this validity or not. We would say that you would know in your own heart, in your own judgment if this feels correct for you. I maybe correct in another time and place that which is not correct or you now.

We would say give it a time of rest. Allow this to bubble up within you and sense if this is a road to travel or if it may not be for you in this time. OK?

There are so many sources at this time bringing information in. Whether it is channeling or direct intel or whatever it might be it is up to you to use your discernment. It is what you are here to do at this time, use your discernment to work through all of this. The most important thing is your Ascension Process. Your own personal Ascension Process. Yes, you are helping others go through it but first you must go through it before you can really help someone else.

So don’t be concerned about what one says or another or what timeline or past live as Cleopatra a time ago, whatever it might be. Let it be, go with the flow and everything will be as it needs to be. OK?

Question: Can you tell me the difference between dragons and reptilians?
You are looking at archetype here. The dragon archetype and the reptilian archetype is ancient. The dragon is here in your history. It was real and is real. They still exist. They have not disappeared. They are still here. When you move into Hollow Earth you will likely experience them there. They are very much real.

Again, the reptilian is a particular class of being you might say. They are loved as anyone else by Prime Creator. There is no difference. You are one with them and they are one with you. They look a little different but you will come into contact with many beings that look different than you.

Be ready, be prepared and do not be concerned if they are different or not. There are many loving reptilian beings. They are not all of the cabal or evil. They are from many different systems that are loving and benevolent beings. OK?

Question: When is NESARA and all that is happening going to happen?

Very good question. When is it going to get done? Aren’t you all asking that question? When is it going to happen. You say we keep talking and talking and sharing these wonderful things and you say, OK, when?

You are tired of the word soon, are you not? All of these things are in the process. They are happening now as we say. They have happened at the higher levels but how does it manifest? You see, you are the ones who bring this about. It is not the Galactics or those of us who will bring this about. It is you. This is your Ascension Process. We are speaking of you.

You have heard many times that you are the ones you have been waiting for so get busy! Get it done! Get ‘er done. Do whatever you have to do in whatever respect you can do it. Visualize if you can visualize. If you can give then do it. If you can bring in the homeless, do it. Whatever it is. If you are going to sit and wait for all to happen then you are going to sit and wait.

There are many across the planet who are feeling the way you are, the one who is asking this. There are so any working on plans and projects that have not been brought out yet. When the money is announced everything will go into motion. All of these programs and projects will be released and monies will be there. People’s ideas and concepts and plans and programs will be put into action. Action is what is needed. OK?

Stay on your soap box. Stay on your soap box for by yelling out and talking to people you are serving. Know that there are thousands upon thousands of you around the world. You may not realize how many are working with you. It is good to see that there are those by the river in need. That there are those in the community in need. There are those everywhere who are in need.

You have such a part with the words that you say and the meditations of your heart in making this new world come about. By bringing it about in the way you choose. We have said we are not going to tell you the order of things because it changes moment to moment. We do know that it has occurred at the higher frequency and is coming to your world now. All right?

Question: I also come from the knowledge that we need to have our blessings now for all of mankind. This is the day to see our good! (this question has not been transcribed in it’s entirety)

My goodness! Want to run for president? That was quite passionate, we would say and certainly yes, passion is wonderful. We feel that we have passion as well. It is important to have passion and to use it. Use it with brothers and sisters who would be open to these things. Share with them if they are ready and do everything you can to make it happen. As far as it going to happen, we will say 100% that you will have the re-val, NESARA and all the other financial gifts. It is going to happen and has already happened at the higher vibrations. Just be patient a little while longer and do all you can to make it happen and it will happen! As Divine Timing calls for it as well.

Question: My parents left early on my path. When my mother left I sat in the middle of the floor and said I would not move until questions were answered. Someone carried me up the stairs and filled me with information. Who was that?

We would say to you and we would say this to all who ask these types of questions, it matters not who the messenger is but the message that is important. It could be your Higher Self, it could be Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Michael or it could be any number of more mundane guides. The importance is the message here.

Question: When I first met my husband I had an electrical response to him that lasted a year. We were separated by his death five years later. What can you say about this relationship?

What a wonderful experience you had! This was one that you planned to be in relationship with in this lifetime. He made sure you would know him and then continue in this wonderful experience. This gave you an opportunity to know this kind of love and to know this person deeply. And in this time now you can have contact with him, have conversations with him.

The ending was not the ending. It was his opportunity to continue life in his own way. It was absolutely for you to know that this was what you came to do at this point in time. All right?

Here is what we will say about “Twin Flames”. This is what we say. ‘why would you want to spoil the surprise? When the time comes for you to share with this one again, you will have your answer.

Thank you for sharing. People will be having some amazing experiences. As the veil continues to drop and it is close to dropping fully now, people will have amazing experiences beyond their dreams.

“OWS #2
Cannot end here that easily. Another “OWS” to say we are all excited about so many things that are happening. Find the joy within you. We can reach in and pull it out of you if you would like.

We are doing all we can to help you help yourself. Please continue to go with the flow and we promise you it is all going to work out. What would it be like if we work with you and led you astray? You are having these experiences now. It is going to get more and more and one day you will get up and things will be different.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

We are so pleased to be with you. We are glad to be here this evening with you for your questions and answers and so much more. Hopefully this brought in more information to assist you on your path.

This world is filled with such love. There is love from within. There is love from above and there is love on the planet. There is Mother Gaia’s love for all of us. All of us. Love is the answer and love is seen in the beauty of nature. Love is seen in the interaction with animals. Love is seen in interactions with humans.

If you turn your eye away from those things that still try to pull you into fear, still pull you into concern. Turn your eye away from this and look instead on the beauty of the planet. The beauty of relationships with humans. The beauty you see in all, with all. Sananda spoke earlier that you are one with the planet. You are one with rocks and trees and animals and people and water and and, and and, and and. You are one with everything. You are one with everything.

There are those of you who look for changes in the monetary system which takes you from a third dimensional being higher. But there are so many changes that we are excited about. There are changes in your technology. There are changes in your medicine and science. There are changes in every aspect of your lives! It is not only the wait for money for money alone will not take you through this Ascension Process. It is spiritual work, my friends. It is capturing that love, knowing that love, sharing that love. You may think that love is an easy word to use but it is not and we know that.

Please keep your eyes away from that which keeps you entranced in fear. Allow yourself to be kept in those higher vibrations. Relax and allow it to be so.

We give you our love and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


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