Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, May 18th


This is “Sananda”. Always wonderful to be here with you in this way where we can reach out to so many people at once over these telephone lines, radio frequencies. All of these technologies that are available at once. What if they were available 2,000 years ago when I, as “Yeshua” walked the Earth? Perhaps reaching out to the many millions or maybe at that time thousands that I could have reached.

But please understand that it is important that you reach out at this time, to as many as you can. You the Light Workers, the Light Bearers, the Light Sharers, you are the ones reaching out to help your fellow man, your brother and your sister. Yes, all on the planet are your brothers and your sisters. You are all one with everything. Not only the people but the plants, the animals, the rock. Everything you are one with.

Now, I know we are speaking to the choir on this but it is important for those of you who are open and aware and understand these concepts it is important that you go out and speak to more. Whenever you have the opportunity.

There are many councils meeting across the planet now. Above, below and on the planet, there are council tables. We have spoken many times of the “12 and 12”. Many of you do not understand this or have not heard of it yet but you will be hearing more and more about this and more sources will be bringing this out as well not just myself through this one “James”. There are councils everywhere and there are places being set for you at these tables. It is not going to be business as usual. It is not going to be those in government now sitting at those tables. It will be you at those tables and those who are working to bring this new wonderful age on the planet. It is you who are going to be doing this not those who are in leadership roles. It is you who will be stepping on the platform and onto the tables taking your seats. It is you who will be doing this and we are preparing the tables for you. We are preparing your council seats.

Now we understand that not all of you will want to do this. Some of you will want to step aside and take a long “r and r” break because you have earned it. But there are those of you who will turn around and say, “I am ready to jump back into the fray”. Not into any battles for there are no more, but into the fray, into helping all that you can for that is what you are all about. That is what you are here for, to help your brothers and your sisters. This is your mission. You have heard that this is about to begin or has already begun. Many things are coming to a conclusion very shortly. Many things are coming to their crescendo, as I have been speaking of.

This evening it was going to be the “Guardians” speaking to you but that has been postponed until the first Sunday in June when we are on with “Hollow Earth” again. We will be able to reach out to many million doing this. Thousands on the call and many more later that listen to the recording and read the transcript. The “Guardians” have been here before a long, long time ago. They have returned. They are here to bring in the New Age, especially the “Guardian of the New ‘Dispensation.” That is what he is here for, to bring in this New Age, this “New Dispensation’. To bring in this New Dawn, as he speaks of many times. That time will be the next time we come together in this way.

For now, please continue in your daily activities to work toward your Ascension. Do whatever you can to raise your vibrations. Whenever you have the thought, raise your vibrations. ‘See the beauty all around you. See all the beauty in your planet and see that which has been destroyed in some ways is going to be renewed in other ways. You are a part of bringing that about.

I am “Sananda”. All of my peace and love be with all of you. I will return soon and will probably bring exciting news for you. Love and peace to all.


Channeled by James McConnell